The Future of This Blog

I've been thinking about retiring this blog. It had a good run. All of our Peace Corps experiences from the very first consideration through the first weeks in Panama to our home coming this July. However, this blog existed well before Peace Corps. The first post was in June 2005. It also includes all of our wedding planning and many travels.

I've had a hard time writing anything lately because everything we do recently isn't as exciting as the Peace Corps. Well, I'm just going to have to get over it because this blog isn't done yet. This is where I record our life not just for all you guys, but for Jeff and me too.

Jeff and I are currently on the job hunt. I'd like to say we can spend 40 hours a week filling out applications, but honestly there aren't that many jobs out there that we want. And we want to find the real deal career jobs; the ones in our fields, where our specialties will be useful. For Jeff that is finding a teaching position at a university in illustration or drawing. For me, that's finding a job as a horticulturalist at a not for profit, public garden or in horticulture education.

We have enough savings and thanks to Jeff's mom's hospitality a place to stay. It is wonderful to be able to be home with our family in friends in Iowa. We are enjoying every day of it; although, I'm not so sure about this cold weather.

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