Looking Back on 2009

Christmas for me is a time to look back and see what I did for the year. I like to remind myself what I have accomplished.  Here's what Jeff and I did in 2009:

We ran three Global Brigades in Panama: University of Texas 1 & 2, Berkeley
We hosted family in Panama: Clarissa and Mom
We put together a Peace Corps Panama Volunteer Cookbook
We finished our Peace Corps service
We stayed with Adam and Emily in Salem, OR for two weeks
We visited Steven and Jessica in Seattle, WA
We road tripped from Seattle through CA, NV, AZ, TX, and MO back to Iowa
We learned it’s a really tough time to get a job
We worked together to get Jeff’s art hung in some local venues
We attended Sara and Matt’s Wedding

We can even go farther back and see what we did in other compellation posts:
2008 Foy and Jeff, 2007, 2006

I’m always impressed when I see it all laid out. It's been a great year!

Have you made and end of the year blog post? Give me your links in the comments.

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