Mid Month Food Budget Check In

It's the 16th of December the month is half over. So let's see how I am doing for budget. I have spent $136.96 out of my proposed $200.00 for groceries and Jeff and I have spent $23.26 our of $100 on restaurants. Not too bad.
I'm pretty sure I can keep us under budget. Although now I feel like I should go out to eat just to make sure we use up all of the restaurant budget. But that's not really the point.
And I am co-planning a dinner party for New Year's Eve so maybe if we come in under budget I can allocate some of that money to cover the costs of the party. I have already set aside a budget for the dinner. A friend and I are planning to cook all authentic Italian food. Both of us are interested in keeping our costs down. The last time I threw a New Year's Eve dinner party it was about $350. This time I am sharing the cost. Also we are asking our guests to bring a bottle of wine or other beverage to share. My goal for the dinner party is under $100.00 for food. It's a challenge, but luckily authentic Italian cooking is frugal: bread soups, gnocchi, winter squash, and polenta. The expensive parts will be the cheese and the meat. With a vegetarian at the table we won't be serving that much meat and luckily most Italian cheeses are flavorful and a little will go a long way. I'm so excited to start planning the menu.

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