New Goal: Define How I Want to Spend Our Money on Food

I like to buy nice food. I prefer fresh to canned and I also struggle with buying responsibly. I would love to buy everything fresh, organic and local. However, we are unemployed and living off our savings account. So what is the best way to manage how we eat? To manage price vs. food quality? I don't know but I am going to find out.

I am going to challenge myself to:

  • Work up a food budget
  • Create healthy dinners at home every night
  • Define a limit to how much we spend eating out
  • Research the best options for buying responsible food on a budget (i.e. seasonal, local, and/or organic)
  • Consciously reduce food waste by using up leftovers and food already in the pantry

Over the next week I will blog about each of these topics, creating goals and a process for reaching them. Stay tuned.

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