New Year's Eve Dinner Party - Italy

It was three years ago that I threw my first dinner party. I went for a New Year's Eve dinner with a Turkish theme. Two years in Panama were not conductive to dinner parties and I haven't had one since. It's our first New Year's back state side and I'm planning my second dinner party.

My birthday happens to be January 3rd, but no one wants to celebrate when the 3rd rolls around. Instead I like to think of New Year's Eve as my birthday. So this is my birthday present to myself. I get to bring together my friends and learn about another country - two of my favorite things. And well food is a very close third on my list of favorite things.

This time I am co-hosting with one of my oldest friends. (Oldest as in: known since I was in first grade.) It's been a really wonderful experience. We chose a theme country and researched the cooking style. I think between the two of us almost every book on authentic Italian cooking has been checked out of the local library for months now.

In the last week we have finalized the menu and sent out the invitations. It's looking good. Now the hard part: execution. We have a two page shopping list and a schedule for the 29, 30 and 31 outlining what needs to get done.
I'll post more about the dinner after it happens but in the mean time here's the list of antipastos to get your stomach grumbling:

Verdure Arrosto Roasted Vegetables
Ravanelli con Sale Radishes with Salt
Prosciutto e Melone Thin Ham Slices and Melon
Olive Imbottite Stuffed Olives

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