Sara and Matt's Wedding Recap

Sara got married yesterday and I’ve been very involved in the process. So instead of talking about budgeting and food on the blog I’m going to recap the wedding.
The wedding was beautiful and funky and so very much Matt and Sara.

The location was beautiful. Reiman Gardens was all wintered up and had green accented Christmas trees all over. It really didn’t even need to be decorated. Some black and burgundy table cloths plus some masks and that's all it took.
I made Sara's wedding flowers. The bridesmaids carried these little beauties and unfortunately I don't have a picture of Sara's bouquet. I'm sure there are pictures just none got taken with my camera. This is my favorite picture I got of Sara. I only wish it was full length. She is beautiful. The Bridesmaids wore white and Sara wore black and burgundy. We took pre-wedding photos in the conservatory which gave us a great beautiful green background and wonderful light. It's hard to find natural light inside!
The ceremony was short and heart felt and a rabbit came out of Matt's top hat. I was in the wedding so I don't have any pictures of the ceremony. I should have handed the camera off and asked someone to take those photos. Here's a picture of Sara and Matt before the wedding.
The guests came in costume and enjoyed themselves immensely. The food was good. I went back for seconds on those garlic mashed potatoes. During dinner Mirage performed some Middle Eastern Dances. Sara did her own special dance for Matt.
Everyone ate cake. Sarah B. created a labor of love that was both lovely to look upon and scrumptious. Jeff helped put on the chocolate mosaic.
The we toasted to finding love. And the dance floor opened. Then everyone danced and socialized until the clock struck 12:00.
Congratulations Sara and Matt! May you live long and prosper.

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