10 in 2010 - Ten weeks to Healthy in 2010 Week 3

Many of my favorite blogs are participating in the online challenge Ten in 2010. The challenge is to incorporate new methods of healthy living into your life over 10 weeks. Each Saturday participating bloggers write about their weekly progress. What are the new methods of healthy living you might ask? What ever you choose to make your goal.

My goals for the ten weeks are:
  • Write down what I eat every single day
  • Weigh myself every day
  • Be able to do the yoga pose Downward Dog with my heels on the floor
So how am I doing?  I continue to use the iGoogle Ap WW Point Tracker to record what I eat.  It is helpful.  I wish I could tell it when my day ended.  It automatically starts a new day at midnight.  Sometimes I don't get around to recording dinner until after midnight or I have a little snack and it shows up on the next day.  But otherwise I like how easy and simple it is to use. 

I have been weighing myself every day.  I am down another 1.5 pounds since last Saturday.  Although I had a couple days of indulgence that show up on my weight graph.  I am using the Google ap: The Google 15.  I like that it records a moving average.  I know that as long as my weight is below the moving average (yellow line) I am still losing weight.  It keeps me from fretting over daily weight fluxuation.  I also like that instead of pressing "okay" or "enter" when I put in my weight the button is "I feel healthy".  And I get a little encouraging message at the bottom. 

As for yoga progress, I just started a new session.  I know this doesn't really mean much, but I like that I am better than the new students.  It's funny how fitness classes get so packed right after New Years.  My Zumba class was packed as well.  I actually had trouble finding space.  I'm not sure if I am getting more flexible - I still can't get my heals on the floor, but I am more balanced.

I also found more free yoga sessions online:

YogaDownload.com: Offers a ton of free 20-minute yoga sessions that you can download right onto your iPod/mp3 player.
YogaToday.com: Every week, YogaToday.com streams a free, one-hour class.


  1. Luckily I don't need to watch my weight. But I like to see these good tips for weight control.

  2. Those are excellent goals. Writing what you eat can definitely help you lose weight. Good luck!

  3. I wish I was lucky enough to say that I don't need to watch my weight, but I do...A few indulgences and I'm up 3 lbs. Congrats on your successful week and good luck with Ten in 10!!!

  4. Anonymous1/16/2010

    Congrats - what a great idea!!

  5. I didn't know yogadownload.com offered free sessions. Thanks for letting me know!
    But about the weighing daily thing, weigh with caution. Our weight fluctuates daily (mine sometimes go up and down 5 lbs!), so it's not exactly all that accurate. :-)

  6. Great place to try yoga videos is My Yoga Online. Totally worth a check out. Changed my life.