Blog Reader Mania!

Oh my goodness! I got up this morning and read the nine new posts in my iGoogle reader. I always read blogs while I drink my coffee. Then I did some things and came back to see what new blog posts there were to read. I had 54 new posts in under six hours! I think I am following too many blogs! Yeah, I can’t read 63 posts a day, I won’t have time for anything else!

I have recently added new blogs to my reader; quite a few actually. I’m working on building up my blog so anyone who has left a comment here, I’ve gone over to check out their blog. I leave a comment and subscribe to their feed. I figured this would be great, perfect. I could keep up with the other movers and shakers of the food and garden blog worlds. I would be inspired so I can keep putting up two posts every day. It’s a hectic schedule I’ve got going on over here at Foy Update.

My old plan is not scaling well.  I need a new plan. I’m going to have to be a little more selective. Or perhaps do some skimming of posts. I have to manage my time better. I haven’t even gotten through half of those posts and I’m about ready to assemble some enchiladas and I want to get this post up before people start heading home from work.  I'm not sure what my new plan of action will be. 

For those of you who have left a comment on my blog, I appreciate it. I will return the favor I promise. Comment sharing is my top priority right after putting up quality blog posts.

Anyone who is currently managing a blog have any ideas to help me balance my time?


  1. I know what you mean re the time consuming nature of blog reading. I really ENJOY reading blogs - and commenting where I can - so I have set aside certain times of the day that I do this. Generally for an hour or so in the morning, then I post in the evening. Not a perfect plan but it works for me.

  2. I wouls suggest not having a baby. Those thingies are time suckers.

  3. Really, you should check out Meylah. It is mainly for artists/crafters setting up their online businesses, but they do a lot of great posts about blogging and using social media sites. And photography stuff. Lots of things you have talked about here. Here is the "Getting Scene" page: http://meylah.com/blog.categories/2
    WhipUp.net also has very good blogging tips: http://whipup.net/category/blogging-tips/

  4. I set up a time daily to read blogs. I only read blogs when I'm eating. During meal times, I don't like to sit and stare into an empty space while I eat. So I read while I eat, and that drags meal times a bit longer, but that means I enjoy my food longer, too! :-)

  5. Thanks Lisa - I allow about two hours a day for blog reading. I love it, there are some wonderful writers out there. However, I plan on having a full time job soon and I want to be able to keep blogging. So I have to find a way to pick the best blogs to read in my allotted time.

    Marigold - I have no idea how you have a blog and two wee ones. You are obviously a multitasking goddess. Perhaps you never sleep?

    Did you really just recommend another blog for me to read? See this is how it starts, you should check out _blank_ they are really cool and then I do and they are cool and interesting and informative and suddenly it's midnight.

    I will go check it out though. I need all the help I can get.

    Sophia - Perhaps I will expand blog reading time to more than just coffee and that down time right after washing the dinner dishes.

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  7. Girl, I know what you mean! I have subscribed to so many blogs that I don't possibly have time to read them all. With reading other blogs, my own, work, and kids, I try to get in some reading before bed. There are so many inspirational blogs out there! By the way, is it okay to add you to my blogroll? Also would like to see if you would like to guestpost on my gardening series. Thanks Foy!!