Immersion Blender - New Kitchen Gadget

I've got a new kitchen gadget. I like to think that I didn't need fancy tools for my kitchen. And I know I don't. They are simply convenient. They make my life easier. It's nice not to have to use a potato ricer or run my hummus through a clamp-on-the-counter meat grinder to get it smooth.

The immersion blender, also know as a stick blender, is a bit of a one trick pony. I will basically use it to puree soup - I make a lot of soup. Before the immersion blender I had been running my soup in batches through my food processor. However, if I fill the food processor too full the soup leaks out the top. Plus transferring soup back and forth is messy, often getting multiple bowls dirty and I had to let the soup cool so I didn't burn myself. Now I can just put my immersion blender in the soup and puree right there in the same pot I am cooking in. Pretty slick.

What else is my new kitchen gadget good for?  I bet this pony has more than one trick.

1 comment:

  1. Yay! Congrats on your new toy.
    Did it come with a whisk? Mine came with a whisk and a cup, so you could blend things real quick or whisk things - i plan on making mayo in a warm bowl with that whisk tool next time.
    let's see, i use mine to puree soups yes, could be use to puree beans pre refrying, i use mine to make my cauliflower mash, and it could be nice to zap a few times into chilly to thicken it up.