Oregon Public Garden Reduces Admisions Rates - Hurray!

I was a little angry over the price of entering the Oregon Public Gardens in Silverton. It was $14 per adult when we visited in October of last year! I've paid less to get into world class gardens. The gardens just announced this year they are cutting the prices. Adults are now $10 which is still pricy, but doable. Good for them.

Most public gardens don't make their money off admissions anyway. All the gardens I have worked at received around 10% (with a max of 20%) of their yearly operating budget from entrance fees. There's no reason to hike the price, especially if it means losing visitors. The visitors are why public gardens exist, they should be doing everything to attract guests. And on that front The Oregon Public Garden is looking pretty good:

Adding to the Children’s Garden - Making the garden more appealing to families and play dates. 

Model Train Garden - I'm not sure why but these are huge draws.  Finally an angle for the botanical loving girls to get their boys to the garden?

A Full Event Calendar - I'd go to the quilting event. 

I hope the garden benifits from their proactive measures to improve the garden for their guests.  I wish them luck.


  1. Anonymous1/12/2010

    What pretty pics!

    Just found your blog--it's great! :)

  2. I know this place. I was born in the central Willamette Valley. When it was built, it was advertised as an opportunity for the horticultural and landscaping industries to show place its wares. I don't know the economics of this type of operation but I've always wondered why the fees needed to be so high. I've gotten more ideas and better contact with vendors at the Home & Garden Show in Portland and just as nice a garden experience Washington Park in Portland and surrounding areas such as the Japanese Garden and the Hoyt Arboretum for little or no cost.

  3. I think gardens should have a suggested donation that way people could go as often as they want and not feel limited because a family of five (2 adults, 3 kids)costs more than $30 per visit.

    I like to believe in the goodness of people. I like to hope people will give what they can when given the opprotunity. That might be nieve of me, but that's how I opperate.