Tazo Tea and The Strawberry Short Cake Mug

This is what is making me happy on this cold blustery night: a hot cup of green tea in the Strawberry Shortcake mug. 

I decided a while back that I shouldn't drink too much coffee because caffeine headaches are the worst. I made a rule, I get two cups of coffee in the morning then I have to drink something else. That something else is usually tea. I even use the same drip Mr. Coffee machine to make my coffee and tea. I just clean out the coffee grounds and run plain water through and put the tea bag in the carafe. I get slightly coffee flavored tea, but it's not as bad as you might think. That or I'm completely desensitized.

I love having a warm cup of something to sip on. Even in Panama I drank a lot of tea. Sometimes I didn't want to drink lukewarm water and my only other option was hot water. We didn't have electricity so there was no cold water. Even though the temperature rarely got below 68 degrees I drank my hot tea. Chai was my tea of choice there.  Now I'm on a green tea kick because I remembered I had a beautiful Latin professor in college who claimed green tea was what kept her young looking. 

I am prone to pick a favorite mug and drink out of it until I break it. The concrete floor in Panama was a death sentence for mugs, not to mention the concrete sink. I went through at least four favorite mugs in two years.  See that a nice concrete floor and, on the back wall, a deep concrete basin for the sink?  Many a dish met their fate in that sink. 

Currently I've been drinking out of the Strawberry Shortcake mug. Jeff came across it up above his mother's kitchen cabinet with its mate Apple Dumplin'. She thinks they were probably a gift someone gave her boys back in the 80's. There's something wonderfully nostalgic about drinking out of them. Jeff gets to be Apple Dumplin' and I get to be Strawberry Shortcake.  

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  1. nice work and fantastic Strawberry Shortcake mug.