Help Us Arrange the Apartment

Here's the layout, as best as I can remember.  So the question is how do we use the space.  The living area is the big question mark.  It needs to have two desks, a lounging area that can be converted for guests and a dinner table and chairs.  It a big space, but between all the windows and doors it's going to be tough to keep a good flow, not block the windows and still have function.  One of the desks may yet be in the bedroom. 


  1. Something I learned, which isn't so novel I realize, while trying to arrange furniture in my place, is allowing yoru actual furniture to create divisions between "areas" of the room. Sometimes we get so stuck on being kind of boxy and using the walls as dictators, but you can strategically put a couch in the center of a room to create definition. i think you could put a desk in the windowed-alcove area for sure, or use it as a private seating nook. Keep us posted!

  2. Yes, I agree with Blair. You can use the coach to divide. Or maybe even a desk. I once lived in a studio and that's what we did. We basically divided the whole room in half using the sofa.

    I also think it would be a good idea to get dual-use furniture. For example, those little fabric/leather cubes that can be used as a coffee table or as extra seating. I've also seen people use their kitchen table as their desk and just get filing cabinets to keep things in because they are easier to throw in a corner. Just an idea.

    How exciting!