New Recipes Coming Soon

I've got some exciting non-food plans this week so I won't be doing a lot of blog posts.  But I've got some good things coming up:

I have been attempting to grow my own sprouts.  These are Mung beans:

In my quest to find a way to eat oatmeal other than cookies, I tried a baked oatmeal:

Stay tuned!


  1. Anonymous2/04/2010

    i love baked oatmeal! when i lived in teh dorms it was the ONLY decent food the dining commons prepared. i love using oats to make things other than oatmeal too. lately i've been using them to make pumpkin pancakes using the recipe from kath eats real food. not sure if oyu're vegan or just veg bc they have egg whites, but i bet you could figure out a sub for them.

  2. Baked oatmeal is wonderful. I had done a few variations a while back but lately I've been doing overnight oats for my daughter. It's about the only thing she seems to want to eat.

    I have to laugh because the sprouds bring back memories. Growing up my dad used to sprout all sorts of things from seeds under the kitchen sink on wet paper towels. In fact one of my science projects in grade school was "Flowers and Germination".

  3. Look in your Joy of Cooking for a recipe for oatmeal cake. Very yummy!

  4. I am yet to try baked oatmeal.....I must rectify that!
    Looking forward to reading about your 'non food' plans.... I am curious :)