Packing Up

I drug all the boxes out of the basement.  Most of my clothing has been in storage.  I am rediscovering all sorts of good stuff.  Most of the boxes and been riffled through at some point to find my black closed toe heals or my long sleeve yoga shirt or some other thing I wanted.  So the boxes needed to be reorganized.  At one point I had all the clothes out in piles all over the floor.  Now they are all back in boxes and stuffed to the brim.  How do I have this many clothes?  In Panama I could have fit my entire wardrobe in my backpack.  Granted there was only one season and it was hot.  Not having any bulky clothes makes a difference.  I'm pretty sure I have at least another box or two of clothing at my mom's house.  And I know I have another three or four coats. 

Coats are one of my weaknesses.  I love them.  I have a gray wool, a red wool, a brown pho fur, a trench, a long dress khaki, black pea coat, short horehound, and a blue Columbia coat for work and play.  They are bulky, but they are such a big part of my outfits in the winter.  I don't feel right when my coat doesn't go with the look.  The irony is my husband has one coat.  I should at least find him a dress coat.  Poor guy. 

I still need to pick up some more boxes from the flower shop.  These C99 8" Rose Vase boxes are awesome.  They are heavy duty for shipping glass and they are all the same size.  All the same size boxes makes it so much easier to pack up for travel.  Plus these boxes are just right.  It's hard to pack them so full I can't lift them.  There are a couple boxes of books and paperwork that I really have to heft to carry, but I can manage. 

I have a couple more drawers of things that I need to pack up, but for the most part this shouldn't be a huge moving ordeal because almost everything we own is still in boxes.  This is good, time is short.  Only twelve days to my first day of work. 


  1. I know what you mean about good boxes. My old neighbor got me some ham boxes from the grocery store where he works. I highly recommend ham boxes.

  2. Anonymous2/16/2010

    i loveee jackets/coats too. it's a shame that they're so bulky and therefore difficult to pack!