Valentine's Day - Support your Local Florist

Flower arrangements chill in a walk in cooler awaiting delivery on Valentine's Day. (I had to use a flash, sorry for the not so beautiful photo.)

This week I am helping out at the florist I worked for during college: Mary Kay's Flowers and Gifts. It's a family run business. For a while when I was working there I thought I wanted to be a florist. Then I worked for another flower shop and realized I don't love being a florist, I love working for this shop. They are an excellent family, three generations of women, with a warm sense of humor and they care about their customers and sending out beautiful flowers. They always encouraged my creativity and challenged me to learn and grow. Since Jeff and I are staying in town as we look for jobs, I'm happy to lend a hand. I know Mary Kay's Flowers and Gifts will appreciate it. If only I could get a salary and bennifits as a florist. 

Any floral shop goes into over drive for V-Day. Mother's Day is technically a bigger holiday - more flowers are sold, but it's more of a weeklong event. Valentine's Day is a big one-day deal.  Although this year it falls on a Sunday and all those people who like to get their flowers at work so they can make their co-workers jealous, have to get their flowers on Friday. So it's not quite as intense as normal.

It turns out Winter Formal for the local high school is this Saturday too. The school doesn't want to encourage romance so they put the dance the day before Valentine's Day. Um yeah.

Today I made lots of little sweetheart rose wrist corsages and some boutonnieres. Then I helped finish up the last of the day's vase work and did a late afternoon delivery run. Yesterday and today were ten hour days; not too bad. I remember working until midnight my first Valentine’s Day. I left in tears of exhaustion after more than fourteen hours of answering phones and waiting on customers.  (I started out as a lowly sales girl and worked my way up to the thorn ravaged fingers of a florist over the three years I worked there.)  I'd much rather design the flowers than answer the phone!

Tomorrow, February 13th, will be a big day for the last minute orders and people picking up flowers. So if you haven't got your love a little something for V-Day, you're not too late to stop by your local florist and pick up some cut flowers, forced bulbs or a house plant. Support your local family owned florist!

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  1. Anonymous2/16/2010

    I have to agree that it's not so much what you do as it is who you do it for that's important in your job. I think it's really great that you keep Mary Kay's in your back pocket for times like these. It reminds me that I should touch base with some of my favorite employers of the past.