Which Apartment Did We Choose? Modern or Victorian?

We went for the Victorian apartment. In the end the charm, lower cost and location beat out the big closets and convinces of the Modern apartment. It would have been nice to have the extra space and the balcony (which yes Miranda did have a nice view into some trees and beyond that single family back yards.) We can always upgrade later. For right now, until we figure out how our budget will work, living in the funky down town Victorian will be fun and just right for us.  

I think the place is bigger than I realize, it was just so covered in college boy debris it was hard to tell.  When we met the property managers I got a, responsible, good feeling from them.  I asked them about the clean up and they said it will be spotless when we move in and I believe them. 

I can't wait to have my own kitchen again!  I'm so excited to have a gas stove!  It'll be a small space for canning and cooking but it is all mine...and Jeff's.   The windows will be awesome lighting for food photography.  Maybe with the money we are saving I can buy a new camera?  I've been pining for a good SLR with a wide angle lens for a while now, maybe not new, but a gently used Canon Rebel. A girl can dream right?

We'll bring several large trunks, a hall tree, dressers and shelving units so we have somewhere to put stuff.  There's only one closet in the whole space and I'm pretty sure I could fill the whole thing with just my clothes.  I'm always amazed how much stuff I acquire.  

It's going to be a challenge figuring out how to arrange furniture.  I wish we had an oval table for the bay window.  I think that would be the best use of the space.   It's right next to the kitchen so it could double as extra counter space.  I'll keep my eye on http://www.craigslist.com/.   Or do any of you guys have suggestions for how to use the bay window?

Then there is the matter of fitting two desk spaces, plus a sitting area into the main room.  Jeff doesn't want the computers in the bedroom, which makes sense.  The bedroom is large, so we'll probably use some of the space for storage.  I think we'll just have to wait until all our stuff is there to decide how to arrange things.  We are going to want to get a sleeper sofa or daybed or some sort of seating thing that converts to guest bed type of deal.  I hope we get lots of guests! I love hosting. Our place is small, but we'll make it work. 

One of our goals is to get ALL of our stuff out of our parents' houses.  They were kind enough to let us store all our earthy possessions in their basements while we were in Peace Corps.  We'll take everything and if we don't want it or use it, we'll sell it or give it away.  There is no reason to store things we aren't using and I know my mom would love to unearth the guest bedroom.  I'm sure there is stuff I don't even realize we own tucked into corners and hidden in closets. 

This is also the perfect opportunity to get rid of plastics. We have a couple plastic drawer sets from the college days and quite a bit of cheap Tupperware. Now is the time; I'm going to get rid of the plastic.

I'd love to have more of the old fashion Pyrex refrigerator dishes. Not only are they really cute and fun to use but there's no worries about BPA toxins and they can go in the microwave and oven no problem.  

If  have my druthers all the furniture will be hardwood, nice heavy oak or maple; the type of furniture that lasts and doesn't fall apart and then gets thrown out. 

That is one of the good things about a smaller space, we can't hoard things.  I think this is my new motto for this move:

Keep the Best and Get Rid of the Rest. 

It has a nice ring, no?


  1. This sounds like a very healthy move! One of the things I'm looking forward to when we move is getting rid of the stuff we don't need or love. I have a friend with a bay window that I think she has utilized very well, but I don't know if I have any pictures. Basically, she's got a circular table pushed to the side, then some short shelves with books and plants on them. There's also a couch to the side of it... wow, I'm describing this well. :-/

    In any case, hooray for the cheaper, beautiful apartment!

  2. I applaud your choice of character over "mod cons" and your decision to switch over to glass storage containers.