Which Apartment Would You Choose?

Which apartment should we choose?

The huge modern apartment with the balcony, fireplace and large kitchen and bathroom that costs $200 more a month or….

…the decent sized upper floor of a downtown Victorian house with wood floors, high ceilings, bay window and recently remodeled but small kitchen and bathroom.

We’ve been mulling over this decision. The big modern apartment was built in the 90’s and has new flooring and some new fixtures. It has a great kitchen and was the only apartment we saw with an outdoor area. There is a great big balcony, where we could fit a good sized table and chairs. It would be a perfect place to entertain and have a BBQ. The apartment also comes with its own washer and dryer and a ton of closets. There are one and a half bathrooms. The master bath has a whirl pool tub and a big shower, plus a huge vanity. It also has a gas fireplace with marble built in shelves around it. And they let the tenants paint. The kitchen is currently light yellow and the bedroom is mostly cream with a soft brown accent wall, actually attractive colors that go with the existing wood and flooring which by the way is just carpet and linoleum. It would be nice to live in a place that’s not all white like a typical apartment. The unit has 1000 square feet and is on the higher end of what we would consider paying for rent. This one is located in a quieter part of town. Not really near anything.

The Victorian has a lot of charm, the kitchen is small, but has good cabinets. The stove is gas. There is ceramic tile in the bathroom and kitchen and hardwood in the living and bedroom. We would get lots of great light from the large windows and the big bay window in the main room. There is only one closet and although it is billed as a “walk in” it’s more of a deep, but normal closet. Square footage-wise it is about 800 square feet. We’d have access to a washer and dryer in the basement of the house next door. There is no balcony or backyard to speak of, no place to put our grill or eat outside. The apartment was a wreck when we saw it. It looked like several frat boys lived there. Two blow-up mattresses on the floor in the bedroom, a pool table and beer pong table in the living room, pizza boxes, and clothing everywhere. A big flat screen with an old sofa parked in front of it. I had to remind myself to just look at the structure. The big plus for this one is the location. It’s part of the downtown area and when the weather is warmer we would be walking distance from the restaurants and farmer’s market. It is also very close to Valparaiso University. And cost wise it is the second to least expensive of the seven apartments we saw. We’d have a little extra money a month to squirrel away or for traveling or just in case.

So which would you pick?


  1. The second one... Definitely :)

  2. If it were me, I would pick the first one. But if I were you... I don't know what I'd do. I can envision you guys being happy in either place. I see the ability to squirrel money away for other things being a big draw for you guys. You could always save it for the purchase of a house or apartment of your dreams!

  3. Living in situations similar to both of those places - i say go with the sterile, larger one. Especially when renting, it is so nice to have a bigger place than you could afford to buy, and to take advantage of amenities that might take a while to procure as a homeowner.
    I like my little 800ish square foot house, but i miss miss miss that 1000+ square foot duplex with all its closet space. (that beign said, renting with closets and then moving into a house with fewer closets can be quite an organizational pain).
    But really for me it would depend on the veiw. if that 'balcony' looks out over the parking lot with no sunset on the other side, scrap it. but i think we both know you need some outside space (though you will be working outside).
    just my two cents.