A Little Spot of Sunshine in the Garden

I spotted these Dutch Crocuses (Crocus x hybridus) in the welcome garden at Taltree Gardens and Arboretum this Monday.  They must have opened up over the weekend.  They are a welcome burst of color in the spring garden. 
A more subtle flower is coming up through the leaves over in the Oak Island beds. This is a Christmas Rose (Helleborus niger 'Double Fantasy'). Hellebores are more of a gardener's garden flower. They don't have the show stopping display of brightly colored tulips, but they do have a complex flower structure that inspires the consummate gardeners to get their cameras out and scrawl down the name to make sure they find some for their garden.

I was sure excited to see them yesterday.

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  1. Foy those are so gorgeous! Thank you for sharing. I can't wait for summer and to get working on my herb garden.