My Favorite Part of Our New Apartment

Here's the best part of our apartment; the big bay window with our dinner table in the middle. Actually that's this desk from Target. We found parts of it in a dumpster at our apartment in Iowa before we left for Peace Corps. I talked Jeff into saving the pieces and with some extra screws and newly drilled holes it has been modified as an excellent kitchen table.

I am also enjoying the bookshelves flanking the sides; they almost look like built-ins. The bar stool in the right corner has aspiration of becoming a plant stand; we just need to find it a plant.

The bay window faces west and if I ever get home early enough (day light savings is helping my cause) it has a really stunning view of the sunset.

This is my favorite apartment in the history of our apartments.


  1. This is too adorable! It looks so wonderful. light filled and cozy. How thrilling to find a place that you love.

  2. Sounds like you are doing a great job. Nothing better than home.

  3. Anonymous3/18/2010

    I love your apartment, too. The bay window area turned out perfect. It's pretty, useful and none of the light is blocked by furniture. Well done!


  4. Love this corner, it looks so warm and cosy!

  5. Oh, that's nice. It's a fantastic spot in your apartment, with the bay windows and dinner table close together. I imagine it holds a great view of the outside.

  6. I love your bay window too. I love windows overlooking a scenic view! By the way, how many times have you already transferred from one apartment to another? And what was your reason for leaving?

    -Von Madison