How to Clean Leeks

Leeks are a wonderful cool weather vegetable. They require a silty sandy soil to grow and unfortunately that grit winds up between the leaves and will get into the cooking if you’re not careful. There are two good methods to make sure you get all the silt out of your leeks the Fan and Swish.

Both methods start with slicing the leeks into quarters lengthwise. Slice all of the light and dark green part, but leave the white end with the roots intact.

The Fan Method
Use your hands to fan out the leaves of the leek as you run it under cool water.

The Swish Method

Fill a large bowl with tepid water and up end your leave into the bowl and swish and swirl the leek up and down from side to side rapidly to get the dirt out. You'll be surprised how dirty the water is when you are done.

Now you have nice clean leeks ready for use in delicious recipes like Leek and Potato Soup which is coming up tomorrow.


  1. Looks great with the big crusty bread. I keep meaning to try different soups but we love our standard white bean and spinach we keep making it over and over....

  2. Thanks for this! I really need to try leeks!

  3. Did you know that wild leeks grow in decidious forests throughout the mid-west? Spring time is leek time!