New Skillet in the Kitchen

We have discovered our kitchen again. Almost all of it has been in storage since we left for Peace Corps in May 2007. We have bowls, plates, hot pads, spatulas and oh lots of exciting things. However, one thing we lack is a nice big skillet. I'm pretty sure I put one on our wedding registry but it was probably a hundred dollars. We got lots of other exciting stuff but no skillet. The good ones aren't cheap. I believe in good cookware. We will use it *hopefully* the rest of our lives.

Last week we were killing time waiting for our car to be fixed (something about an emissions filter needed replaced) so while we waited we walked across the street to the Marshalls. What I was looking for were pillow cases that actually go with the sheets and blankets on our bed. But what Jeff found was a Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick 12" Omelette with Cover for half off. We debated. We walked away, we walked back, we did the hokey pokey. It's not like we were going anywhere until we got the call that our car was ready.

Did we really need a fancy skillet? Would we use it? Do we really have $50 to spare? The answers were: No we don't need it, but we don't have any large skillets; yes it would be awesome and get lots of use; and I guess, moving has taken a huge chunk out of our budget, but we have $50 to spare. I think the words "investment in our kitchen" were uttered.

So we bought it and haven't looked back since. We already have the 2.5 quart sauce pan and love it. So I knew the skillet would be equally awesome. The best part is it has a lid and it's clear. Now I don't have to use a cookie sheet for a cover and I can see my eggs frying or onions browning. It's the little things that make me happy.

Now we can get rid of that ridiculous half wok, half skillet we inherited from a roommate in Savannah.


  1. Glass lids on skillets or pans = priceless. Way to go.

  2. I think it's a great idea to shell out a few extra dollars to get quality cooking equipment. If you get a cheaper skillet, you run the risk of having to replace it in a few years. Over the long run, that would actually cost you more. Yea for the great price!!!