We Have the Keys to Our New Place!

We are currently living in box central. There are basically two paths one to the kitchen and one through the bedroom into the bathroom. I have also discovered I can get internet if I sit in the bay window! Our internet doesn't come for five business days.

We came in around 4pm yesterday. It took us a couple hours to unload everything in the van but the dresser and vanity. We tried to get the queen sized box springs up the stairs, but they are an inch too wide. We sat on the stairs and scratched our head. What do we do now? What if we can't get the box springs in? It looks like the person who lives in the other half of the top floor has two doors, a back and front door. Perhaps we can get the box springs up through his side.

By the end my arms and legs were shaky and I just wanted food and sleep. We got a hot meal and then, squished the mattress and just barely got it up the stairs. We hunted down some sheets, pillows and blankets and slept on the mattress on the floor.

Today we have unloaded the cars and moved the bedroom furniture up. I'm starting to unpack the kitchen. The cabinets are really high; I can barely reach the middle shelf. And the top shelf? Not a chance. It's like you'd need to be six and half feet tall for this kitchen. Jeff should be right at home. I on the other hand will have to wear stilts to cook, or at least some 1970's disco platforms. Perhaps I could get the kind with goldfish swimming in the heels.


  1. I love how bright it is Foy! And the idea of cooking in the disco platforms....hehehe...
    I use a folding step stool I keep hiden right next to the kitchen because we have the same high cabinets and I'm short!

  2. Looks like a nice place. Hope you'll be happy. But now the real work starts (sorry).

  3. congrats on the new place! can't wait to see the "after" pictures!

    Where did you do the peace corp?

  4. I hope by the time you read this post that you are settled into your new place. Your new place looks really nice, even if you have to wear stilts to cook :-)