Sun Shine Award - Win!

I won my first ever blogger award.  Miss Dawn of Florida Coastal Cooking bequeathed me with the Sun Shine Award!
Foy Update is written by a horticulturalist and foodie with some gorgeous photography of both food and flora as well as some great How-To's. Check out her interesting post on Skunk Cabbage! So cool.
I'd like to thank the academy and ... I wish I could think up a clever acceptance speech. I'll let this Farce on Academy Award Winning Movie Trailer be funny and witty for me.

But seriously, thanks. I'm glad I have made such excellent blogger connections! It feels really good to be recognized..


  1. Congrats! Hope there'll be many more to come. :)

  2. Lynette4/08/2010

    You're doing a really nice job, Foy. Congratulations.