Look What I found: Morel Mushrooms - Plus Recipe

I can't tell you where I found these that is the secret of the mushroom gatherer.  Or should it be mushroom hunter?  Forager?  I wasn't actively looking when I came across a clump of five, but I put them in my pocket and brought them home.  I can tell you I found them near a pine tree where the earth was recently disturbed. 

I decided to prepare them simply by sautéing them in butter with a bit of salt. That way the flavor really comes through.  Morels have a very distinct earthy mushroom-y taste and a solid texture.  The morels let out a surprising amount of water as they cooked. In the end we enjoyed a nice little bowl of buttery morels as an appetizer. I saw an ad on Craig's List selling morels for $30 a pound.  Wonder if he got any takers?

Sautéd Morels in Butter Sauce

1 tablespoon of butter per half pound of morels
Sprinkle of Kosher salt

Step 1:  Clean the morels with water making sure to get all the grit out of their gills.  I find the sprayer thing on my sink works well for this.  Then slice the morels into rings, remove any dried out or desicated spots. 

Step 2:  Over medium heat saute the morels in butter.  A lot of water will come out and that's fine, just keep cooking them until they have shrunk a bit and are darker in color.  There will still be quite a bit of liquid.

Step 3:  Serve in small bowls with a sprinkle of salt on top. 


  1. Wow they look really interesting! I have never heard of morel mushrooms!

  2. I wish I would have cooked my store-bought shitakes and oysters like this instead of going overboard making saucy ragout! (I also wish I could forage!)

  3. I am jealous, I would love to stumble upon some wild morels! Unfortunately that is highly unlikely down here in sunny San Diego. :P Have you read The Omnivore's Dilemma? There is a long chapter about mushroom foraging, and it is really interesting. I would highly recommend the book!