Reusable Produce Bags

Why reusable produce bags are great:

1.  Less plastic bags in the world
2.  Reusable produce bags are pretty
3.  They are perfect for storing mushrooms and non leafy vegetables and fruits because they breath
4.  Many stores will give you $.05 off your bill per reusable bag.  These cost $8 for two so in 40 trips these babies will have paid for themselves and will start saving you money. 


  1. Neat. I like those. I use reusable shopping bags, and have one small cloth bag specifically for shrooms - but i tend to just reuse the plastic produce bags a millions times for produce and for other things. they eventually wear out and get thrown away, but generally containing foul smelly trash like bones or fish guts. my step mom was using some neat biodegradable bags for her produce. i did that idea, cuz if the produce inside gets funky you can toss it all in the compost heap. i bet it would be really easy to MAKE these kinds of bags with very cheap material, sew up a little sack and add a drawstring. project time??

  2. I'm sure you could make the reusable produce bags easily. They are just a drawstring mesh bag. They are washable so when they get funky they can be thrown in the wash. I've had mine a couple months and I haven't washed them. I mean I washed them before I used them the first time, but not since.

  3. Love them! I try to use as few produce bags as I can so I don't bring home a bunch of plastic. These are great!