Becky is Going to Sierra Leone to Teach Pediatric Nursing - Thanks for Your Votes

Remember Becky who applied for a grant to teach pediatric nursing to Sierra Leone?  Check out the origonal post here

These are the facebook status I woke up to this morning:
6:00am Becky Cridford has half an hour to go: VOOOOOOTTTTTEEEEEE!!!!

6:11am Becky Cridford is waiting by the phone. Thanks everyone - I really think we did it!!

6:30am Becky Cridford just got that call! WE DID IT!!!!! 45000 british pounds on their way to the Welbodi Partnership! Well done everyone!!! Has been one hell of a week and I am beyond grateful that you were here with me!!! xxxxxx

7:00am Becky Cridford Oh yeah - I am going! NEXT WEEK!!! Ok, I'm on it... THANKS THANKS to all of you - I know you did so much more than vote! I have learned a whole lot this weekend but most of all I have learned how GREAT YOU ARE!!!!! feeling the love, people, feeling the love. xxxx
Thanks to everyone who voted.  You made a difference!

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