The Results are in - See which Profile Pic Won

Did you vote on which profile picture I should use for Project Food Blog? 

.A .B


A.  Looking Up
B.  Looking to the Side
C.  Sitting

Voting is now closed and the results are in. See which one won by checking out my profile at Project Food Blog: http://www.foodbuzz.com/project_food_blog/contestants/389

For my blog profile picture the looking up image is too tight. There isn't a lot of breathing room and it feels crowded in the side column. Especially since I usually open each post with a large 500x500 image. The sitting photo is nice because my body is angled into the blog and there is enough room in front of me that the image doesn't feel pinched.

I'm actually using all three images as profile pics in various places. The looking to the side image cropped as a square is now my foodbuzz publisher profile, my google profile, as well as my twitter profile picture. They each have their uses. The nice part is they similar enough that I think folks will connect one image to the other, so that I have the freedom to use the best image for the location.

Man who knew profile pictures would be so complicated or cause such a stir!


  1. you look beautiful girl :)

    Have a fabulous week!!
    jen @ www.passion4food.ca

  2. Hi Foy,

    You look very pretty!!
    And Good Luck for the contest!!!



  3. Anonymous9/01/2010

    They are all so cute - great choice!

  4. Anonymous9/03/2010

    So if the link is showing the nice one, why is the sidebar showing a bimbo one?