Minimal Wardrobe - Project 333

Welcome to the New Year!  Today's my birthday and it felt fitting to start a new challenge.  In my last challenge to reduce what I owned by one third I found some new blogs and people with great ideas about how to live with less.  Here are some of my new favorites:
I was particularly enchanted with Be More with Less.  She challenged herself and others with Project 333.  The goal is to only wear 33 items of clothing over a 3 month time period. 

Challenge accepted!  Today after Jeff did all the laundry (Aren't birthday's nice?), I reduced my wardrobe to 33 items.  This was thornier than expected, but after a couple hours of deliberation here's what made the cut:

  1. Black Close Toed Heels - Nicole (7.5 M)
  2. Black Water Proof Boots - White Mountain (7.5 M)
  3. Tan Suede with Lace Cut Outs Ballet Flats - Aerosoles (7 M)
  4. Black and Gray Lily Scarf - Merona
  5. Browns, Reds and Blacks Knit Scarf - unknown
  6. Blue and Green Scarf - Zara
  7. Black Pea Coat - London Fog (M Reg)
  8. Khaki Fitted Four Button Jacket - Talbots (12)
  9. Brown Jacket - Studio by Liz Claiborne (M)
  10. Aqua Linen Jacket - Liz Claiborne (M)
  11. Jeans Dark Indigo Boot Cut Stretch – Calvin Klein (10/30)
  12. Jeans Medium Blue Straight Leg - Relativity (10 P)
  13. Jeans 515 Nouveau Boot Cut Medium Blue – Levis (8 S)
  14. Jeans 515 Nouveau Boot Cut Slightly Darker Medium Blue - Levis (10 S)
  15. Jeans Midrise Boot Cut Medium Blue – Lee (10P)
  16. Black Slacks - Classic Blues (13)
  17. Striped Blue Button Up Long Sleeves - Fred David (L)
  18. Brown Zip Up Long Sleeves - Danskin (LG 12/14)
  19. Brown Long Sleeve Line Drawing of Red Lotus on Back Bottom of Shirt - Royal Robbins (L)
  20. Pale Green Button Up Sweater ¾ Length Sleeves - Christopher & Banks (M)
  21. Green Sweater with Rolled Neck - Christopher and Banks (S)
  22. Blue Sweater Cable Knit - L. L. Bean (M)
  23. Black Short Sleeve Boat Neck - Merona (M)
  24. Coral V-neck Short Sleeve - Old Navy (L)
  25. Purple ¾ Length Shirt - Merona (L)
  26. Purple Shirt with Embroidery at Neck - Gap (M)
  27. Lime Green Tank Top - Mossimo (L)
  28. Green Tank Top - Daisy Fuentes (S)
  29. Red Tank Top - Maurices (M)
  30. Black Tank Top with Red/White/Tan Floral Detail at Neck - unknown
  31. Purse, Plum Leather - St. John’s Bay
  32. Sunglasses Brown - unknown
  33. Black Driving Gloves - unknown
If you'd like to know more about Project 333 check it out here.


  1. I have around 20 items in my current wardrobe that I will wear out of the house including my shoes, 2 coats, 1 really dressy outfit, jewelry, and my purses (1 large bag with a smaller purse inside). I most likely have about 20 more that are just sitting the in closet or the extra clothing bag. I should really go through that bag and find a few items to donate. I have 2 skirts that I know I no longer want. I just had my kids clean out their closets so I guess I should do the same before we drive to Goodwill this week!

    I've really enjoyed reading your posts on reducing your stuff. We are doing the same thing here. We (family of 5) are very comfortably living in a 3 bedroom apartment now while we look for our next house. I wish we could build a house perfect for us but the land is just too expensive here.

  2. I might try this because I am often considering getting rid of things, but then SURE I'll regret it later. (To be fair to myself, there have been times when I was getting dressed and thought something would be perfect, but alas, I got rid of it about a month ago.) (But then there are plenty of items I don't wear often enough to justify keeping...)

  3. Foy, you've got me going through my drawers and cabinets, cleaning and purging. I've made quite a bit of progress so far. I also re-discovered things that can be put back into service.

    I tryed to clean out my clothes closet last weekend but didn't end up getting rid of anything. I like my clothes and getting rid of any may be going just a bit too far for me. :)

  4. Hey, thanks for this post and your blog. I'm not a typical blog reader except for recipes, but I find your blog interesting--I'm living in Panama right now with my little family. My husband is doing research for his phD in biology and I have a 2 yr old and we're enjoying new experiences everyday. I really like what you have to say about minimalism, I think it's liberating. I realized just now that I have actually come really close to the 33 clothing limit and it's been 5 months. I just have the simple clothes I brought with me from the states. I love it.