Confession: I've Never Donated Blood

I have never donated blood. I don’t really have a good reason for this, just never got around to it. With all the natural disasters happening around the world, I’ve been feeling helpless. I don’t have a lot of extra money to give, but I do have blood.

Sara gave blood!
Earlier this month my friend Sara had this up as her Facebook Status and the following challenge ensued:

Sara: Whenever I have a moment where I start to question my value as a member of society, I can think of the phone call I got today & know that I am wanted for a pint of blood at the very least. Here’s to contributing!
Foy: You should write a persuasive blog post encouraging people to give blood. I like the idea, but I lack motivation. Perhaps a little nudge would do the trick.
Sara: Foy: I'll show mine if you show yours :)
Foy: Is that a challenge? Should we do dueling blog posts on donating blood?
Sara: I like it! It can count as our good deeds for that day, giving us license to be thoroughly rotten for the other 23 hours. When do you want to post?
Foy: Hmm.. Give me next week to figure out how to give blood around here. March is crazy, but it can't take that long to donate. I've never done it before. Let's plan on March 15th?

Sara: Sounds great!

I made a couple calls to the local hospital and then the Red Cross. It’s pretty easy to get an appointment. Just check the American Red Cross Blood website.

I was in the FAQ section when I realized that I have lived out of side of the country. I was in Panama for two years with the Peace Corps. I’ve been back 1 year and 8 months. Am I even eligible to give blood? Turns out, it is on a state by state basis; for sure a year needs to have passed and in some cases two years. So I might be eligible. I’ve left several messages for various people at blood labs and at the Red Cross asking if I can donate blood. No replies yet.

Did I make the challenge? Unfortunately no, but I have learned quite a bit! And I’ve overcome the inertia of doing nothing.

I’d like to encourage you to look into donating blood. Read up on how easy it is here: http://www.redcrossblood.org/donating-blood/first-time-donors

Check out Sara’s post where she successfully gives blood over on a Weight-y Life. She’s an inspiring gal taking her health into her own hands.

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  1. I donate every quarter, Foy. I've even got little 'tracks' to prove it (tiny scars in my elbow pits). I think i'm up to over 3 gallons donated in my life, but i've lived so darned many places i haven't kept track.