Mindful Eating - Recipes with Nutrition Info

At the beginning of April I began working outside in the gardens again.  It's part of the cycle of working at a public garden in the Midwest.  We work outside April-October then desk work November to March.  I always welcome those first warm days of spring with dirty knees and a sore back.  However, this year, I went to put on my gardening jeans, which have the permanent dark blotches from kneeling in the garden, and I could barely zip them. 

Then I got word Taltree's Annual Gala Fundraiser will be formal attire.  I have one formal dress, actually my wedding dress, and I can barely zip it either.  Rather than go out and buy new clothes, I will lose the ten pounds it takes to fit back into my clothing. 

If you take away the bouquet and veil, it is just a simple silk dress. 
How exactly do I plan to systematically lose about ten pounds?  I have a couple things I have started doing:
  • Exercise. This one is easy. Now that I'm back out in the garden I'll be moving around more and much more active. I am grateful to have a job that helps my physical health rather than most desk jobs that add to the problem.
  • Back on the Weight Watchers bandwagon.  I did Weight Watcher in 2002 and got to my goal weight.  I started using their online program last week.  It's been revamped since the last time I did it.  I like that now they incentivized eating whole fruits and vegetables.  Although for me, it is re-educating myself about portions that really helps.
  • Adding nutritional information and servings to all my recipes.  This will take time, but I plan to go through all of my posted recipes and put up the nutrition for each as factored by the Spark People Recipe Calculator.  Part of my goal for Garden. Cook. Write. Repeat.  is to feature healthy food and recipes.  In the past I have put up nutrition on some like: Baigan Bharta (Indian Eggplant Curry) - Healthy Vegetarian Recipe.  I would like to make it universal so that each of you can more easily determine if these recipes fit into your lifestyle. 
This leads me to my next question to all of you who read my blog.  What can I do to make my recipes and posts more useful to you? Vote here.


  1. Congratulations on your well deserved award!

  2. Good luck dropping your 10 pounds. I think your plan sounds totally solid. And thanks for sharing the recipe nutrition calculator :)

  3. Anonymous4/16/2011

    Great decision and cute post....Plan sound good. If you ask me and that is what I do, coach people about nutrition....try to avoid, sugar and fat....prepare home made dishes in small portions and exercise. You will be ready for the dress:)
    Check my blog for lot of interesting recipes. Thanks:)

  4. There's nothing like setting a goal and having a plan to reach it. Good luck and I am sure you will inspire others to think in similar ways to attack their own goals.


  5. Good luck with the weight loss. Here in NJ, I garden from June through October and then it gets too cold, too snowy. I can't garden in April or May, it is too rainy. I can't even get out there to pull some weeds, or clear the raised bed.

    Stick to your goal and you will lose the weight. Good 4 U.