Yellow Flowering Japanese Magnolia 'Butterflies'

I love this small stature yellow Japanese magnolia called butterflies (Magnolia 'Butterflies').  The buttery yellow flowers have been beckoning me from across the garden. 

I usually write about food and recipes on this blog; sometimes I forget about the garden part of Garden. Cook. Write. Repeat.  I spend my days working as a horticulturist for a not-for-profit arboretum and garden.  In May we barely have a chance to sit down, but every once in a while I remember to take a moment and enjoy the view. 

Magnolia 'Butterflies' is a great little tree for small yards.  It gets 15 to 30 feet tall and wide and is hardy in zones 5-9.  It loves the coveted moist yet well drained soil and prefers sun to partial shade.  The best part?  It has a lovely heady fragrance.  Put them in a place you walk by frequently like near the front door or off the back patio. 

Butterflies magnolia was all the rage a couple years back and everyone wanted one and no one had them in stock. Now they are easier to find and more reasonably priced. I have seen whips for as low as $30 and larger ball and burlap plants in the several hundred dollar range. Check your local nursery if you are interested.


  1. Great. Just one more thing to add to my Must-Have/Lust List

  2. That is gorgeous! I've never seen a yellow magnolia. So pretty and I like its petite size! Thanks for sharing!