Summer Snacking - Cucumbers

They aren't quite ready locally yet, but I can get cucumbers from just a state or two south.  I love cucumber.  It's one of my favorite snacks on a hot summer's day.  Just slice them up, sprinkle with a touch of salt and enjoy!  For this photo I got out my pink Himalayan sea salt because I've had it for a while and I thought the pale pink would be pretty with the green.  However, the salt was too coarse.  I should have just used the Kosher salt.  You live you learn!

I can't wait for garden fresh cukes!  The home grown ones have so much more flavor than anything at the store.  Plus I know how I grow them -without chemicals. And I don't spray them with wax to keep them from getting wrinkly. 

When I buy cucumbers from the store, I always peel them to get rid of any pesticide residue and the wax.  However, a lot of the fiber and minerals are lost.  When I have homegrown or organic, I leave the skin on.

If you want a little more to your snack eat cucumbers with some hummus

How do you eat cucumbers?