Farewell Tour of the Old Kitchen

I've officially got wifi in the new place!  Jeff just hooked it up.  We are still in the "can't find anything because a) I can't remember where I put it or b) it is still in a box" faze.  Soon I'll give you all a grand tour of the new kitchen.  First let's look back at our wonderful tiny kitchen in Valparaiso, Indiana. 

It was nice and cozy - just enough room for me to really get cooking.  We packed our cupboards full and used every square inch. 

The window faced west which was great except for those four minutes when the sun would angle in just right and blind whoever was at the sink.  For some reason I managed to do dishes at just that time. 

I love the tile floor with a marble type pattern.  It hides drips and spills and there's only 20 square feet to clean! 

I loved the gas range.  If I could have taken it with me I would have.  The cat adored it too.

The oak cabinets were awesome.  There was not just one, but three drawers!  Now this may not seem like a lot to most of you out there, but for a girl who has rented all of her cooking life, three drawers is a luxury.  My first couple of apartments each had one and in Panama we had none.  Plus the lazy-Susan in the corner was such a good use of awkward space.  In lesser apartments they would have just put in a narrow cabinet door that would lead to a cavern of completely unusable space unless one wanted to hide a body. And really how often does one do that in their kitchen?

Right off the kitchen was the living room area.  This apartment is one of four in an old Victorian home.  This house had four bay windows!  Ours faced west.  The kitten's favorite perch was on the table where he could mew at the passers-by.  Our new place has even more windows.  He can't decide which window to sit in. 

The hardwood floor was my favorite feature of that apartment.  The reflected light made the 550 square feet look larger.  We had many delicious meals at that table.  In fact most of the pictures of food on this blog are done on that table. 

Luckily the table came with us.  Unluckily I spilled fingernail polish remover on it and now it was a weird oblong dark mark on it.  Perhaps it is time to look for a new kitchen table.  Our current kitchen has room to expand. 

Can't wait to show you around the new place!

P.S.  My hand is recovering.  Moving all my worldly possessions with five stitches in the skin between forefinger and thumb was not the best situation.  I eventually taped my thumb and forefinger together because I still had to move boxes and the wound wasn’t sealing shut even with the stitches.  It’s been about three weeks and the gash is now healed closed and the dead skin is starting to peel off on the edges.  It’s still a little tender inside, but I am sure I will be fully functioning in another week.  I'll even get a scar out of the deal. 


  1. Love the cat in the oven!

  2. I know how hard it is to get a decent kitchen when you have to rent places all the time! As a student, that's all I have been doing! Our kitchen is pretty large right now, but the cabinets are so old and cheap. These oak ones you have are so much nicer! But, can't wait to see your new place!

  3. nice to meet you.. i found you at least...

  4. I can't imagine having to wear sunglasses in my own house just so I can get my dishes done but it seems like you'll always have fond memories of that home.

  5. aww. Love the cat! (congrats on the new kitchen to come)

  6. Anonymous8/30/2011

    What a great kitchen. I can't wait to see the new place. I hope your hand heals quickly - OUCH! That's a tough place to have a cut!

  7. Wonderful! Fantastic!

  8. I enjoyed seeing your old kitchen and wish you well in your new one!! Glad to hear your hand is healing well. I had an accident too, when we moved here 30 years ago so your post brought back memories!!

  9. Hello

    GoodDay, im just browsing the net looking around and i notice you blog and i found it interesting thanks for the knowledge you share


  10. It looks like such a small space. I am so happy U R finally getting a bigger kitchen. I wish I had that lazy susan in the weird cabinet but I don't. I sooo need it. I have to re-organize it every month so I can find my pots and pans.

    Good luck with the move.