Roasted Garlic on Bread Recipe - Plus How I Cut My Hand


I’m throwing a pity party for myself. It involves a baguette, roasted garlic and a beer.

Here’s the back story: Last week was good. My husband got offered a job; not just any job, a career job. The job he wanted to do when set off to get his masters, way before we were married, before Peace Corps, before I got my job at Taltree. He’s going to be a professor of art! From the time he went to do the onsite interview until he got the offer, I refused to think about it. There were just too many things that would be affected. Our life would change if he got the offer. Then he did get the offer! In rapid succession he signed the contract, we found an apartment and I gave my two weeks.

There are so many good things that will come from this move that I haven’t let myself dwell on the bad. However, today I am going to think about them.

I love my job. I believe in the arboretum. This was my dream job.

Jeff and I talked it over and even though we are only moving two hours away, it doesn’t make sense to commute. I’d leave before six in the morning and come home after six at night.

Every day at work I have to say good-bye to someone else. I said good-bye to my Sunday Afternoon Garden Club today. They are a great group of volunteers. I’m going to miss them.

Okay, all that is not fun, but I know this is a step forward for us as a family so I see it as necessary. That’s not why I’m roasting garlic. This is why: on Thursday I drove my husband to the airport in Chicago. (He’d booked a flight to visit his brothers on the west coast before he got the job.) I hate driving to Chicago. When I got home all I wanted was a nice thick slice of garlic bread. Instead I stuck a paring knife in my hand - not on purpose. I was trying to cut butter. The butter was frozen if that makes it any better. I had never had stitches. Now I have five.

So today I am having a pity party. I can’t make bread because I can’t knead dough one handed. So I splurged and bought fancy baguette bread. I decided to roast some garlic and eat it on that baguette with olive oil. It will make me feel better.

It’s real easy to roast garlic, but that doesn’t make it any less decedent. And when you are having a pity party for one you don’t have to worry about impressing anyone or having bad breath. Luckily I just got some fresh from the garden garlic.  All you do is cut the top half inch or so off a whole head of garlic. Drizzle a teaspoon or so of olive oil into it, sprinkle some salt and pepper, wrap it in tin foil and then bake for 30-40 minutes at 400 degrees until tender.

Roasted garlic bread and beer is my comfort food. My whole apartment smells Italian. I think I am starting to feel better.


  1. Sorry that you hurt your hand. That stinks but you comforted yourself in one excellent way - I adore roasted garlic on anything.

    Congratulations to your husband on getting his dream job. That is wonderful. Good luck with the move and all. Sorry to hear you have to leave your job. That is sad.

  2. Sorry you cut yourself. Congrats to your hubby on his new job... that's awesome! Sorry that you have to leave your job, hoping you will have another job you like as much as the one you have to leave. Good luck with the move.

  3. I'm so sorry about your hand...it sounds like something I would do! I love roasted garlic on bread...so yummy~

    PS...congrats on your hubby's new job!

  4. Sorry about your hand! I hope you heal quickly. And I can just imagine how lovely your home smells!

  5. Too bad that you cut your hand, but you got to console yourself with roasted garlic on bread and drink beer;)

    Congrats on your hubby's new job. Good Luck with the move. Glad to see you posting again!

  6. Hey, big changes are always unsettling. I'm totally with you on the pity party... first the big move and now the stitches! you totally owe yourself some good comforting garlic bread...bad breath or no bad breath!
    But cheers to a new life ahead and here's wishing you find lots of happiness and peace in whatever you decide to do next :) am sure ur husband's joy will rub off on you too and both of you will have a great time!
    Here's to new beginnings...!

  7. I totally get pity parties. A normal part of introspection for me. Completely appropriate during times of change.

  8. Kitchen accidents are not fun.Cut myself on a pumpkin can lid yesterday. Ugh. However, Garlic especially roasted garlic and dream jobs even the score. Congratulations on the terrific changes.

  9. Feel better soon! I know giving up the job you love really sucks, but you'll be able to find another one that you like. I'm sure there's something in the horticulture field in the new area. If garlic is your bonemeal (to ease the transplant shock) then I say go for it.

    I followed my husband across the border for his dream career job so I know what it's like to uproot.

    Glad to have another post from you, Foy. I've been reading and enjoying your blog since you started the "less stuff" series. Aren't you glad you did the downsizing before the move?

  10. So sorry & congrats - all in one! And what better way to grieve/celebrate than w/ roasted garlic? Hope you're feeling much better soon.

  11. Oh goodness. I hate when things go from bad to worse - not that the move and job are bad, but since this is a pity party, Im sure the stitches really didn't help your mood :(

    I would hate to have to give up my job right now, but I would understand. I feel you on how sad it would make me though. I'm sure something will come along and it wills suite you perfectly.

    On a positive note: congrats to your hubby and that last shot of the roasted garlic is amazing.

  12. Very nice garlic picture - sorry about the hand!
    I might be a bit weird, but I always think that garlic smells sexy :-)

  13. Anonymous8/30/2011

    The bad breath pity party for one cracks me up! You forgot to mention how splendid it is to have time to blog again, I'm glad you're back on the blog wagon :)

    xoxo, Clarissa

  14. sorry to hear about the hand. I've been there. I do things like that all the time.

    I adore roasting garlic and do it often. I also smoke it on the grill, which is a lot of fun. Always tastes amazing after.

    Many years ago, someone gave me a ceramic garlic roaster. When I found out it is just as easy to make it in tin foil, I stopped using the roaster and gave it away. It has a brand new home and is very happy.

    BTW, I went to a garlic festival today and ate lots of it - roasted, in chili, in chowder, you name it. The best way was roasted and mixed with mayo and herbs. it was amazing.

    Hope your hand is better.

  15. I hope your hand heals quickly.

    I have a question which might seem ridiculous, but I've never roasted garlic before. What do you do about the skin? Do you squeeze the roasted garlic out of it before using it? Or does the skin kinda disintegrate or something similar in the cooking process?

    1. Use a butter knife to scrape the roasted garlic out. It will be soft like cooked pumpkin. Good question!