Five Ideas to Spice Up a Vegetarian Menu

I've been a rather negligent blogger of late.  I could blame it on being tired during my first trimester, but really I think I have written up all of our everyday recipes.  (With the exception of vegetarian lasagna, which I always seem to be in a hurry when I making. Then there isn't good light for photos. Then it turns out a little runny and I don't blog about it. Someday, I'll write it up for you. It's a recipe worth sharing.)

Also I have been on a baking kick and cookies and cheesecake really don't fit the whole "healthy, responsible" eating message. 

Here on my blog I get to be the Foy who makes thought out, smart food choices that turn into beautiful meals.  What you are witnessing when you read one of my blog posts is the fruition of a promise to myself.  I will actively seek out delicious nutritious food that is socially and environmentally responsible.  Recently our weekly menus have been relying on recipes I've already blogged about and the same five dinners just repeat themselves.  When I hit a rut, that's when the posting slows down. 

It's time for me to start searching again.  I will work on finding more healthy happy recipes to share with you all. 

Here's some thoughts that have been on the back burner.  I'll have to add them to recipe rotation.
Greek Nachos, when we were in Peace Corps we would go into Panama City once every three weeks or so and we often ate at a place called Athens that had Ladopsomo.  I've never seen it anywhere else, but it was delicious.  Basically pita bread with tatziki sauce (garlic dill yogurt) over a ton of diced cucumber, tomato, onions and olives.  I think a reincarnation of this could definitely be made at home.
Old Country Pie
This is a recipe Jeff found in the Moosewood Cookbook that we eat every so often.  It's wholesome and filling and uses lots of winter vegetables packed into a pie crust and held together with cottage cheese and yogurt.  I took a picture of it once before it went in the oven, but then forgot to get any photos of it baked. 
Vegetaran Pad Thai I love wide rice noodles and I have found a source.  Nothing should be holding me back from figuring out a meatless version of this quick dinner. 

Grilled Veggie Sandwich
I even have the pictures for this one, I just never got around to writing it up! Although the fresh tomato and basil give it away as a summer recipe.  Perhaps I'll have to make the winter version. 

Vegetarian Lasagna
It's about time this favorite of ours got a moment in the sun. Even though lasagna does take some time to assemble and then a whole hour to bake, we get a dinner and several lunches out of it, earning it a place on our menu about every two weeks. 
Any sage advice from anyone out there.  What do you do when you hit a rut in your kitchen?