Fruit Smoothie - It's Like Ice-cream for Breakfest

Fruit smoothie is my favorite breakfast!

In my quest for real food and reducing the amount of processed food in our diet I stopped buying ice-cream about the time I got pregnant.  I hadn't missed it until I entered into the third trimester. Now I'm thirsty all the time and I am always hot, especially with the warmer weather.  I guess the saying "bun in the oven" has more implication than I thought. 

We don't have an ice-cream maker but we do have a food processor.  The same Good Eats 'Live and Let Diet" episode that has the Avocado Sardine Sandwich; now a weekly staple in our menu also includes a delicious looking smoothie. Alton Brown calls it a "Buff Smoothie".  I'm not sure why it is buff. To me buff implies that there's a heavy dose of protein.  Really it's mostly fruit with a dollop of yogurt. 

Ingredients: frozen fruit, yogurt, 100% grape juice.

The first time I made the smoothie I bought a frozen berry medley of strawberries, blackberries and raspberries.  Jeff and I both picked seeds out of our molars for the rest of the day.  Leave the seedy berries out.  Peaches, strawberries, blueberries, mango, banana are all delicious and seed free.

Here's the section of the Good Eats episode with the recipe:


4 ounces plain, low-fat soy milk
4 ounces acai, grape, or pomegranate juice
4 ounces frozen banana
4 ounces frozen strawberries
4 ounces frozen blueberries
4 ounces frozen peaches

The trick is to weigh each of the fruits on a scale.  Alton suggests a scale with a tear function, so you can use the blender carafe and keep resetting the tare as you add ingredients.  All I've got is a little thing that will measure up to a 16 ounces.  It works just fine.  If I rinse the dishes as I go the clean up is quick and easy. 

For a liquid, drink-it-through-a-straw type smoothie, Alton's method of measuring the ingredients and putting them in the fridge overnight works perfectly. I like a thicker soft-serve, ice-cream consistency so I defrost the fruit lightly just before blending.

The nurtrion information is for a recipe for two smoothies made from 4 oz by weight of each: peach, blueberry, strawberry, 100% grape juice, and plain Greek yogurt.

A nice summer project would be to pick the fruit locally and store in the deep freeze.  I'm sure I can find U-pick places for the peaches, blueberries and strawberries.  I could even potentially get grape juice locally.  Just a couple more things to add to my plan to preserve!

This smoothie is just what I want for breakfast. It takes care of my thirst and I feel good that every ingredient is whole and healthy; no sugar added! Plus lots of antioxidants, fiber and nutrients from the fruit.

Do you make smoothies?  What's your favorite combination?

29 weeks (note to self: clean mirror)

Quick pregnancy update:  I'm now 30 weeks pregnant; nearing the end of the seventh month. People now ask me "When are you due?" as if it might be tomorrow.  Or maybe the dress I wore to Master Gardeners last night was a little too flow-y, but gosh darn it was comfortable.

My laptop no longer fits on my lap nor does the cat.  I worked a bit in the herb garden at the CSA yesterday and was pleased to find that I can still pull weeds with no problem although putting on my work boots was a little tricky. 

So far I don't have any real complaints. One interesting bit is that the peanut is transverse; laying sideways in utero.  In the next couple of weeks there should be a head down rotation. I would think there would be more room in there in a vertical position. 

With ten weeks or so to go we're stocking up.  I'm making cloth wipes (I think we have enough cloth diapers), learning how to make laundry detergent, adding more casserole type dishes to my repertoire and generally enjoying having two free hands. 

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  1. You look great! Congrats on being such a gleaming mommy to be! Your smoothie looks awesome. I have been doing a lot of them lately!

  2. Hi Floy! This is my first stop by your blog and I am already in love! Congrats on your first pregnancy! I have a 19 month old and I'll tell you, you're in for such a treat! Being a momma is so much fun!
    I am eager to read more of your blog. Your smoothie is the first post I landed on and I loooove smoothies! I have one almost every morning for breakfast with banana, chocolate protein powder, ground flax and skim milk. I think I need to try your berry version because I am getting tired of the same old I have everyday. Anyway, wonderful to meet you and I look forward to reading more!

    1. Nice to meet you Maggie! Glad you found your way over. I like the idea of adding some flax to the smoothie. I'll have to grind some next time!

    2. Anonymous8/21/2012


  3. you make me want to make smoothie everyday for my breakfast, my fav combination for smoothie is just like you made, I love any kind of berries fruit, so can't resist of berries smoothie :)


  4. Both you and the smoothie looks amazing! :)

  5. We're so excited for you guys!

  6. So glad to see a post from you! I was just thinking about your blog the other day, and wondering when we'd get to hear from you next. Glad the pregnancy is going well and that you're still enjoying time in the gardens!

    One of my favourite smoothie recipes is a piƱa colada smoothie, with pineapple, mango (or banana), yoghurt, coconut milk, and a little OJ. Heavy on the pineapple and coconut, obviously.

    1. I've been a little MIA lately. We've got some other exciting things in the works! Probably by the end of the month I should be able to share with you all.

      I love the idea of pinapple in a smoothie! I'll have to keep a look out for frozen when I go shopping.

  7. All I wanted morning noon and night when I was pregnant were milkshakes. I still love milkshakes but my butt doesn't like all the calories. I have a big bag of frozen fruit in my freezer right now that would be perfect for this!

  8. Glad to see a new post! Hope all is well with you and you look fantastic.
    Just wanted to let you know that I found wild onions in our yard and when I googled what to do with them, your post came up. I am giving you a shout out tomorrow!
    Take care!

    1. The wild onion post has been very popular the last couple weeks. What part of the world are you in?

      I always appreciate a shout out! Thanks

    2. We are in northeastern Oklahoma.

  9. Have you tried green smoothies? I haven't ever made them, but I think it may be a way to sneak something green into the boys' diets. Of course, I can always taste the "green" in the ones I've bought from smoothie shops, so it probably wouldn't work.
    Both of my boys were transverse late in the game. I bounced on a yoga ball and that flipped them. Or maybe they would have flipped anyway, but at least I felt proactive about it!

    1. I remember you commented that a yoga ball was good during pregnancy. Now I know why!

      I've been walking a lot and hopefully just being active will help get the babe into a heads down position. Recently I've noticed I'm getting kicked in different places. Lots of jabs to the ribs and I am hoping that means some turning is happening. Of course with 9 weeks left to go there is plenty of time to move into some other undesirable position.

    2. I have not tried the green smoothies. I just don't want to drink something green. However, I do have a bunch of frozen pureed kale from last summer that I thought I might sneak into pesto. Turn out it has a pretty potent flavor. I doubt berries would cover it up either.

  10. I thought of you when I made smoothies this morning. I partially defrosted my fruit and it went much better. Strawberry, peach, blueberry, banana, almond greek yogurt and green tea soaked tapioca (added after blending for a "bubble tea" like smoothie). Yummy!

    1. Sounds excellent. I think you told me, but I forgot, where do you get bubble tea?