Sold - Our First House

Our Little Yellow Victorian House

We get the keys today!

As if having a baby wasn't enough we thought we would throw in buying a house and moving into it when I am 8 1/2 months pregnant!

We wanted a fairly small home with three bedrooms and a garage with space for gardening.  This house more than fit the bill with just under 1,500 square feet, three bedrooms, two baths and an over sized two-car garage. Plus a large patch of ground in full sun that will become my vegetable garden.

I always imagined I'd live in a house like my parent's house; a ranch from the 50's-80's.  And that's what we were looking at with the realtor.  At one point I mentioned to her how we really like living in Victorian houses because of all the light.  The last two places we have rented have been units in old turn of the century houses.  Victorians tend to be huge houses which is why they get cut up into apartments so I'd never really considered owning one.  When she suggested we look at this one floor Victorian cottage, I was smitten. I love the tall ceilings, huge windows, wood floors and all the old details like transom windows, glass door knobs and wood trim.  Plus this house was move in ready.  The previous owners have taken really good care of it.

Now I'll give you a quick little tour.  These photos are from our walk through with the Realtor.  So they show how the previous owners were living in it.  Once we are moved in it will look much less put together.  We tend to favor modern light colored wood and furnishing which don't really go with the turn of the century vibe of the house.  It will take some time for us to mesh our styles.

The pictures were mostly taken with my iphone, so they aren't up to my normal quality.  I'll take a second round once we're move in.

There are lots of brightly color walls, which I feel a Victorian era house can handle.  The kitchen is green and  a coppery orange. This is perfect considering this blog is a similar color scheme and many of my food photos are taken in the kitchen.

There is a huge island in the middle with some fancy imported stone that is not granite.  I almost think the island is too big and there isn't enough room around it.  The real test will come the first time I make dinner. If it is too big, we have decided to make a dining room table out of the stone.

The side door enters into the laundry room and that passes through to the kitchen.  We do not get the fancy red washing machines, but we do get the owner's old normal white ones that are living in the garage currently.  No more schlepping clothes from the second floor to the basement for washing!  That will be key once the cloth diapers get into rotation.  We will need a clothes line outside too.  In the mean time I have several folding clothes racks.  

Off the laundry, in what was at one point a one-car garage, is the guest bedroom.  It's the only carpeted room in the house.  The of the rest  of the house has wood or tile.  We've already gotten a guest bed for all the baby visitors in the near future.  

The front door enters into the dining room.  The walls are chartreuse. At first that was scary but now it has grown on me.  I am enchanted with the stain glass transom above the door that has the house number in it.

The dining room is big enough we could easily sit eight to twelve people.  We can now get a dining room table!  Well once our finances settle and we get over the shock of paying a mortgage every month.

The bay window is in the dining room.  It faces south. I am guessing that this will be our cat's favorite spot.

Pass through the French doors off the dining room and there's the living room.  It has two west facing windows. I know some folks don't like ceiling fans, but I don't care about looks; they are wonderful in the summer.

On the north side of the house are the two original bedrooms and bathrooms.  They are both fairly small.  Here's the nursery.  The family that owned the house has a little boy.  I love the blue walls for a boy or a girl.  Our baby will be right at home when he/she arrives.  

I'm pretty thrilled about this room.  The hall bath comes with a claw foot tub!  I can't wait to have a bathtub again.  I also love the slate blue walls and how the underside of the tub matches.

I must not have taken any photos of the master bedroom.  Here's the photo from the realty website.  It is also small, but it's plenty of room for a queen bed.  We get all the curtains with the house. I should have ask for the matching bed spread too!

And this is the master bath.  It is part of an addition (the other part is the laundry room) so it doesn't have the 10 foot ceilings like the rest of the house.  I don't care, I'm just excited to have two bathrooms.  This will be the first time in my life I have lived in a place with a bathroom to people ratio of 1:1.

Here's how you know it is an old house: rock foundation with a brick floor basement.  Not really living space, but it will be a nice for storage.  

I saved the best for last.  This is the east side of the house.  Jeff's excited that there are two windows in the rear of the garage and room for a work bench and tools.  I'm excited that there's a big chunk of turf just waiting to be turned into a vegetable plot.  Probably not this year, but I hope this fall to prepare the beds so we can be ready to plant next spring.  

I have not given up on my dream of building a tiny house.  I think there is room on the edge of the lot to build one.  Perhaps we can rent it to college students or do one on a trailer and travel with it.  

We've got lots on our docket.  If you don't see any new blog posts for a while, you'll know why.  The baby is due June 6th and from now until the birth we plan on using our time to get as comfortable in our new house as possible.  The next time I blog we'll most likely be parents and home owners!

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  1. I hope you get to enjoy your 1:1 human to bathroom ratio while it lasts! I can't wait to come visit you guys, the house is very Foy and Jeff!

  2. Love that first pic - so adorable! And a vegetable garden is a fab idea!

  3. How lovely!! I love the copper-orange color in the kitchen. Orange is such a happy color.

    Wishing you the best in your new home!

  4. Thx for connecting with me on foodbuzz. I just subscribed to your blog feed and can't wait to see what your next post will be!

  5. Anonymous5/26/2012

    I know your excitement. I am due with our second on June 6th and we are just now moving into our first house. We have more land then you, but we have plans for it, from farming to hunting. And ours needed a lot more work before we could move in, but it is so awesome. Congrats on the new baby and the new house. Wish u all the luck

    1. Congratulations to you too! We did look at a couple country houses with a couple acres. But in the end living close to the college was trumped so Jeff can still bike to work. Plus I have a work share at a CSA just outside of town where we can get all the meat, eggs, poultry and veggies we need grown in a sustainable way.

      We can't have a goat or any cloven hooved animals in town, but we can have up to three chickens and I'm looking into how the township feels about bee hives.

      The best part of moving into a new house is all the potential!

  6. Looks just perfect for you all!

  7. Congratulations! It's a beautiful home.

  8. Congrats you guys! Cute little place, love the gingerbread brackets, and decorative window trim. Maybe the little one can charge the neighbors to look at the world thru a round window :-)

    When my parents bought their place the oval window on the second floor was in a large closet (probably originally a small nursery), off of the bedroom I chose. Unbeknownst to me they'd already decided to remove the closet and expand the landing at the top of the stairs.

  9. Hi Foy! This is Emily (the neighbor) I found your blog today by googling your name strangely enough-I blog too! We are thrilled to have you and Jeff (and the baby) as our new neighbors. We look forward to seeing what you do with the house and how you make it "yours"! Oh and I saw our house in one of your pictures in this post...just makes me smile!

    1. Hi Emily! We are so excited to have young, vibrant, friendly next door neighbors. I love your house and I'd love to get to see inside it. These old historical houses are so interesting.

      It also looks like you guys are doing some lovely landscaping. Being next door to the Garden of the Month is some pressure! You probably already figured out I love gardening. Many of the perennial plants around our house are old enough to divide, so if you see any you would like for your yard, it would actually be good to divide what we've got.

      I'll have to go over to your blog now and become a subscriber. I don't know any other bloggers locally, what a treat to find you. Or rather you found me!


  10. Foy, Congratulations on your new house, and your new baby! so many new things for you to enjoy. It's an exciting time in your life, and cherish the moments.

  11. I must admit, i am quite jealous of your home. It looks almost exactly as the 'dream house' in my head....
    Though you might be getting jealous of me if we get this 17 acre spread! You will not be jealous of all the work we'll have to do with it though. ;)

  12. Congratulations on your new house, Foy! Ahh.. the Victorian house, which reminds us of Queen Victoria, the longest-ruling female monarch in history, is a nice choice! And the color yellow, would surely give you a boost of energy in your everyday work. I wish you a safe delivery, Foy.

    Kathrine Landau

  13. This house must be destined to be yours! It is good that there’s already a nursery waiting for your little angel. With some little changes, I’m pretty sure that you can make the space better-looking. In addition, after I checked your comment post, I read a very pleasant comment from your neighbor. Well, that is a good sign that you are in a safe neighborhood. It is, indeed, a big consideration in choosing a new house.

    1. We live in a wonderful small town and while I'm sure you could find people bad neighbors anywhere, this community is very safe and friendly. It's so friendly that if you leave your door open the neighbor's dog will walk right in and lay down on your kitchen floor. Although that might be a little too friendly. We should invest in a screen door for the side entrance!

  14. Hey Foy! I must say, this is a perfect safe haven for your family! Like Terry, I’m also glad you’re in a safe neighborhood. It’s funny to think that your neighbor’s dog can walk right into your home. Haha. But since you have your little angel, it would be best to keep pets out of your home, and investing a screen door is a good idea.

  15. I can say that you really did get a great realtor because you've been able to find a house that is as wonderful as this. So how’s your family? Are you happy at home? I suppose you have a wonderful time together, especially now that you have a baby with you. :D

  16. A hearty congratulations on both your baby and your new house! It looks very charming and cozy. It’s quite big too, isn’t it? The kitchen looks amazing. I’m sure you’re enjoying conjuring some culinary delights in there! Have you made any changes to it in the few months since you first bought it?

    Nannie Toller