Dehydrated Beet Chips


Way back in January when I made my  Plan to Preserve I knew I needed more ways to preserve beets as there were quite a few left in the field at the co-op last year that no one pulled.  I ran across a recipe for beet chips.  The gal says she and her kids love them. It seemed easy, so I bookmarked the recipe and yesterday I tried it out.  

I used the slicing feature on my food processor and then overnight in the dehydrator at 125 degrees.  The beets looked pretty going in.  

What I got was about two cups of what appear to be rose petals.  Unfortunately they taste about like rose petals.  Initially sweet crunchy, then they get chewy with a very bitter after taste.  

It could be the beets I was using, but I doubt it.  Although I didn't use that batch for anything else, so I can't say for sure.

Anyone have any other ideas or recipes for how to preserve and enjoy beets this winter?

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  1. Anonymous7/25/2012

    Dear Adam and Foy:

    I am so very very proud of you and I have been thinking of you so very often since "she arrived"! I absolutely love your shared writings and send you big hugs and kisses and look forward to the day when I can see you all three, whether in Indiana or back here in Iowa/MN. Your house looks like my yellow farm house's twin with the front stain glass door coming into the dining room and wood floors and west living room windows. I'll have to add that great garage some day. I am so glad tht you are all doing well, with baby, and each other, and a new house, and working close to mother earth. You are very very special young ones. Sending you love from Northfield Godmother Diane.

  2. I was looking forward to your "recipe" sorry it didn't work out.

  3. This is great!

    I'm so excited. I just picked up one of these food dehydrators this weekend at a garage sale for $2. I'm so looking forward to doing this with our fruits and veggies!

  4. I hope this isn't too late, but I just dehydrated my beets with some vinegar and a bit of oil, as in this recipe: http://www.rawmazing.com/beet-chips-raw-recipe/

    I adored them and will try it out with balsamic vinegar next. :)