Eat Make Grow Thursday Blog Hop #3

Yipee, it's Thursday again! Now that we've gotten all our introductions out of the way, it's my (Miranda's) turn to host the hop. I had such fun reading all of your posts: from food preservation to adorable toddler-suspenders, it was tough to choose my favorites! This week has been a busy week in my kitchen, as well. I foraged and put up over 15 pounds of mini plums! That was a heck of a lot of cutting out seeds, but i'll be happily munching on jam this Winter. Foy, Marigold and myself can't wait to see what ideas you have for us this week, for the kitchen, craft room or garden.

Your Hosts:
Marigold from Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky!
Foy (That's me!) from Garden. Cook. Write. Repeat. (That's here.)
and Miranda from Pocket Pause

We’re not big fans of rules so there are just two of them:

1. No big corporation or business advertising or promotional posts. Let’s not dilute Eat Make Grow with junky posts. We don’t mind helping out the little home grown businesses of independent bloggers or handmade merchants (Etsy, etc.).

2. Please link your posts back to one of the hosting blogs.This is a common blog hop courtesy. This link helps build the Eat Make Grow community by sending your readers to all of the other participant’s posts. We will feature two posts each week and we will only consider posts that have a link back. A text link is fine, or you can grab this button and put it anywhere on your blog, linking back to this post:

Each week we’ll pick a few of our favorite posts and feature them right here! Here are this week’s featured posts. Is one of them yours? Grab our “Featured Blogger” button to post on your blog and show off how cool you are. You can also visit our Pinterest Eat Make Grow Featured Bloggers pin board to see some of our favorites. Let’s take a look at last week’s links.

How Much Money Can You Save by Making Food Yourself?

This week's most popular post came from Annemarie from Real Food Real Deals who had some great tips on saving money by cooking from scratch. I love that she showed us the proof in the 'made from scratch' pudding! Eat Real Food isn't just a catch phrase, it's a budget stretching technique! This post has lots of links to recipes for making your own snack foods and other tasty treats. Annamarie says:
I’ve gotten into the habit of making most of these items from scratch for two reasons. First, I can control what goes into our food and make sure I’m sticking to real food ingredients. Second, I can save a lot of money. 

Identifying And Harvesting Edible Weeds In The Garden

One of my favorite posts was from A Life Unprocessed. I love eating wild edibles including "weeds" that others might just pull and throw in the compost. This post has some great photos of edible weeds, as well as ideas for using them in the kitchen and first aid kit. I'm especially grateful that she included some photos of weeds NOT safe to eat.
These same weeds go for a few dollars a bunch from my CSA. Be resourceful: harvest your own weeds!

And thanks so much to everyone who linked up and shared our hop with your readers last week. Don't forget to link back if you join this week's hop, and feel free to join the hop every day through next Tuesday. :)

Happy hopping!!


  1. HI,
    I shared my Rustic Stone Fruit Tart as well as an article about Wild Seafood and labeling issues.

    Find out your body type for better health!


    Thanks for hosting!

  2. Anonymous8/16/2012

    Thanks so much for featuring my post about how much money we can save by making food ourselves. It's nice to know that homemade food is good for our wallets too.

    1. We loved your post and so did the folks who stopped by this blog hop! Clearly you've got a lot of hard won knowledge and we are grateful you shared it with us. :)

  3. Love this hop. Thanks for hosting it!

  4. Thanks for hosting! I've shared a link to a delicious sprouted chocolate chip cookie!


  5. Thanks for the reminder! I'm back to post my anniversary dinner that my hubs made, but I hijacked to add a test recipe - cucumber mint puree (or soup). Also, don't know if activism posts are ok here, but I posted a link to some disturbing info about Nanotechnology. I think more people need to know that this stuff is everywhere. Another reason to eat, make, grow yourself. :)

  6. Thanks for hosting! I'm visiting from your co-host, and I'm new to your blog. I hope you and your followers will come and link up tomorrow at One Creative Weekend on OneCreativeMommy.com.

  7. Thanks for hosting and stopping by my blog. I have been growing my own shower and shaving gel and linked up my post on that this week!

  8. Hello, I'm a newbie. I discovered the link to your hop through a comment on another homesteading blog. I love to garden and I love to cook. We're currently transitioning from our home in the city to ten acres in the country where we can garden and cook even more. :P I've shared a post on extending the growing season and a recipe for a ham and potato gratin that we've enjoyed. Thank you so much for hosting; I'm adding your blog to my google reader feed.

  9. Anonymous8/17/2012

    Thank you for letting me share about my first chicken butchering experience this past week (#56). It wasn't easy for me. I'm 57 years old and a newbie homesteader. What a rite of passage that was! Enjoy your weekend :-).

  10. Hi I posted my kiwi fruit rolls and salmon jerky at www.mygutsy.com! Love the website :)

  11. Almost forgot to link back! :) Sorry, my first time here.

    Psyched to see all the recipes!

  12. Okay, I am following all three of you and totally expect to be spending some time in the past entries! All three bloggs are wonderful since I love great food, fun projects and like Pocket Pause I have a darling Corgi! ;) I am following all of you on Twitter and FB or feedburner and am going to go look you all up on Pinterest too. Thanks for a fun hop! My link today isn't foodie related but the picture was pretty cool for today and fits in I think. Have a great week!