Inaugural Eat Make Grow Blog Hop

Welcome to Eat Make Grow Thursday! My favorite day of the week where you share what you have been eating with your family, growing in your garden or making with all your creative impulses.Whichever blog that you choose to link up your post, it will show up on both sites! This blog hop is a way to share with many people posts about your domestic doings, whether that’s growing veggies, hosting parties, sewing, mixing up cleaning supplies, or trying out a new recipe.  We want to learn about it.

This is our first hop!  We are pretty excited.

Your Hosts

Meet Marigold! She's a mother, but not a mother to this child, that one's mine.  She's got two bouncing boys of her own.  She writes, crafts and photographs over at her blog Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky!.

Marigold throws her boys awesome birthday parties like this ping pong party and this Harry Potter party. Plus you'll find lots of tutorials and crafty ideas on her blog.  She's the one who inspired me to do the "Summer of No Pants".  I only wore skirts for a full summer and now they are a regular part of my wardrobe.  In fact, I am wearing one right now.

Marigold and I go way back.  Back to when our husbands were getting their masters in Savannah in 2005. We both had blogs. Not these blogs, we weren't as focused yet.  I admired Marigold's excellent turkey stuffing and her quirky sense of style.  She wears bright bold colors of lipstick effortlessly.  Then came graduation and I helped her pack their apartment up and move. Then we moved.  Seven years later we are in different states but our blogs have kept us connected.

Marigold and her family live in California.  Recently they visited us in Indiana. Marigold and I got to plotting about some sort of joint blog venture.  The fruit of the conversation is this spankin' new blog hop.  It's a combination of Marigold's love of sewing, hosting and crafting with my passion for food and garden.  We hope to discover lots of other bloggers with similar interest and learn about what you all are up to.  We want to invite you into our blogging neighborhood.  Come share with us!

We’re not big fans of rules so there are just two of them for this blog hop:

Please link your posts back to one of the hosting blogs. This is a common blog hop courtesy. This link helps build the Eat Make Grow community by sending your readers to all of the other participant’s posts.  We will feature two posts each week from the following week. We will only consider posts that have a link back.

No big corporation or business advertising or promotional posts.  Let’s not dilute Eat Make Grow with junky posts. We don’t mind helping out the little home grown businesses of independent bloggers or handmade merchants (Etsy, etc.).


  1. Best of luck with your new hop! It looks like a good one; I've already found 3 ideas I want to check out!

  2. Anonymous8/02/2012

    Thank you for the invitation to take part in your very first blog hop. How exciting for you! I've shared some posts about my recent garlic harvest (#21), a nasty garden pest (#22), and some cooling summer drinks to beat the heat (#23). I'm looking forward to reading the other linkys :-).

  3. Thanks for the invite! Looks fun. I linked up three recipes - homemade dill pickles, German cucumber salad, and fried squash puffs! Look forward to next Thursday!

  4. I write mostly about nutrition and truth about foods, I'm not sure if it fits here, but I would love to be a part of this. Let me know? Such a great way of finding other useful blogs. I found you on http://frugallysustainable.com/

    1. Lyza, I think what you write about falls squarely into this blog hop under Eat. We'd love to have you contribute!

  5. Hi all! I can't believe how many awesome ideas are in one place! I've got so many tabs open on my browser, it's a little silly.

    I'm sharing two posts this week:
    1. a Photojournal of June homesteading

    2. A Post where I'm thinking through what to do when you're depressed about all the problems out there. I know the homesteading/crafting/sustainability community feels so passionate about improving things, and it's easy to get down when things don't change.



    1. That's what I like to here! Thank you for sharing. As a wanna be homesteader, I love seeing what you guys are doing. We just bought a house this summer with an extra lot to put in a huge veggie garden and perhaps some bees too. The plan is to make the raised beds this fall and put in a cover crop so we are ready to go in spring.

  6. After 3 weeks of being computerless I'm finally back online from the comfort of my own home! Trying to get up on blog visits. This hop is a great idea, thanks for the heads up. Will look forward to participating soon. :)

  7. Thanks for the invite, so many great links here!

  8. Thanks for the invite to this great blog hop! I've shared my Cherry Chicken Salad. (Oh, and I'd love to know what you did to get so many people involved in your first blog hop!)

    1. Well, since there are three of us working together on this hop we all went around to our favorite blogs and recruited linkers. I would guess we left comments on over 100 blogs total. Also having a wide theme for the hop is probably in our favor.

      Good luck as you start your hop!


  9. Anonymous11/19/2012

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