San Marzano - The Best Tomato

The Best Tomato is a big claim so let me give it credence.  San Marzanos are:
  • Prolific
  • Sweet
  • Plum sized
  • Disease resistant
  • Less seedy than most
  • Indeterminate (continuous producers)
  • Heirloom (open pollinated)
  • The only tomatoes that can be used in Vera Pizza Napoletana (True Italian Neapolitan Pizza)

San Marzano tomatoes are good for:
The only draw back I can think of is they are a little slower to come on than some tomatoes.  You'll need at least 85 days from seed to fruit.  Depending on your location you may need to start the plants inside.  Once San Marzanos start producing, get your harvest baskets ready because there will be a lot.  

That's two 9x13 pans and two 1.5 gallon ice-cream buckets full.  Look at how beautiful and perfect they are.  Not a crack on a one!  

Those tomatoes above are not San Marzanos.  That is what you won't get.  You will not get big ugly cracks that will cost part of your fruit and be an entry for fungus and rot.  

What you will get are big bushy plants that would benefit from staking.  They will reach six feet tall if you give them enough support.  

Above is the Squeezo strainer hand crank I borrowed from Hawkin's Farm. I'm canning San Marzanos for them.  Hawkin's is responsible for introducing me to the San Marzano.  

As you can see you won't even have to core San Marzaonos just cut them in half and crush them to make sauce.  Can you see how thick the pulp is?  It is almost as thick as applesauce.  That means less time cooking it down to make sauce or paste.  If you like you can use the crushed tomatoes straight up as a rustic pizza sauce.  The flavor is excellent.  

San Marzanos are my favorite tomatoes.  I'm not the only one.  Look at how much a can of these costs!  

You should plant them in your garden next year!  Did I convince you?  What's your favorite tomato variety to grow?

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  1. I love San Marzanos!!

  2. I'll be planting these next year! I love saucier tomatoes like romas and would like to put some up for the winter, so san marzanos sound perfect.