The Return of the Eat Make Grow Blog Hop

Eat Make Grow Blog Hop - www.FoyUpdate.blogspot.com

Did you miss it?  The Eat Make Grow Blog Hop went on hiatus in December.  Marigold, Miranda and I did some soul searching to figure out just how best to incorporate our readers and our audience.  Basically how to include you!

We want you to share your projects and recipes while finding other scintillating ideas to read about.   Next week I'll be hosting the first monthly hop.

Yes, each one will have a seasonal theme.  Do you want to know the theme?  All of our readers are interested in being thrifty and making life work on a budget; so the theme is:

No Buy February

Tune in Thursday February 7th, 2013 for our first monthly Eat Make Grow Blog Hop.  See you there.

Up next will be another great Wahls Diet recipe for those of you who have joined recently and haven't seen a hop come up on Garden. Cook. Write. Repeat before.  


  1. I like the idea of a theme.

    I have to say tho, one thing I noticed when I joined in last time, is that participants weren't really visiting the other blogs and commenting - and that's a huge part of "hops" like this. I'm currently involved in a weekly hop and almost everyone visits the other link ups and that's why I like it and I think it's so successful. Something to think about. :-)

    1. We'll keep that in mind. It takes a while to find the community of a blog and in this case we are trying to mix up three different types of audiences. All three of us are working to make things more conversational around here and commenting will have to be part of it! :)