Radish Tartines - Open Faced Breakfast or Brunch Sandwich Recipe

Yesterday June Bug and I went out to Hawkins Family Farm to help put together the first CSA farm share of the season.  We harvested baby lettuce and kale, weighed asparagus and tied bundles of radishes.  I forgot to take my camera or my phone so there is no proof of the lovely vegetables or equally lovely group of people who helped assemble the shares.  Next week we'll take the camera.

This morning we enjoyed those first little radishes on tartines. Tartine is a French word from the verb tartiner which means "to spread".  Tartines are a slice of bread spread with a thin layer of toppings that can be sweet or savory.  In this case, toast is spread with the classic choice of cream cheese, thinly sliced radishes and a sprinkle of salt.  You could go even simpler and use butter instead of cream cheese.

The crunchy, slightly peppery radish with the rich cream cheese and hearty bread is an excellent light meal or appetizer.  We savored ours with a cup of coffee for brunch.  It's finals week and the professor didn't have any finals today so we got to have a leisurely breakfast before breaking ground on a new garden plot.

I'm exploring milling my own flour right now.  I have a basic recipe for bread from freshly ground flour worked out that makes two loaves; one for dinner and one for breakfast.  I'll be sharing that recipe soon.  If you aren't into milling your own flour, here's my go to recipe for daily bread.  Or grab a baguette from your local bakery to make your own tartines.

Looking for other ideas for radishes?  Last year I put together a collection of ideas and recipes for the radish:  The Humble Radish for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner

Radish Cream Cheese Tartines

5 small radishes, sliced thinly
12 slices of heavy bread such as wheat or rye
1/4 cup of cream cheese or butter
Sea Salt

Toast the slices of bread.  Spread with cream cheese, top with radish and sprinkle with salt.


  1. I LOVE radish and butter tea sandwiches - and a sprinkle of salt is just perfect. I will be buying radishes and pumpernickel tomorrow, thanks to this. Merci!

  2. Our farmer's market opened last weekend and I'm wishing I had bought more radishes myself!