How I Plan to Find Time for Big Goals

Growing or working on a local farm in exchange for all of my family's food is daunting.  Finding the time is going to take planning.  I don't want to deprive my kids of time and I still have responsibilities around the house - so much laundry!
I feed my family mostly from the produce and meat of a couple local farms which means I cook mainly from scratch for every meal.  I estimate at least three hours of every day is cooking and a couple hours are spent cleaning up from these meals.  And this is the least busy time of year, when I am benefiting from the labors of gardening and preserving and not doing them.
Considering this, I am going to try batch cooking to cut down on the amount of time I spend in the kitchen.  If I can cook and clean-up for multiple meals at once think how much time could be saved!  Why didn't I do this sooner?  Probably because I love cooking and being in the kitchen.
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My view this morning of my laptop with its keyboard protector.  It kind of ruins the slick look of my computer, but  I learned the hard way that an ounce of prevention of worth a pound of cure.
I even work on this website in the kitchen.  This is because Junebug is more likely to let me work in peace and entertain herself than when I am sitting on the sofa.  Perhaps I need a desk.
Which brings me to the first reboot recipe post.  Look forward to learning about meatballs.  The kind of meatballs toddlers and adults will eat with equal relish.  And the amazing tomato sauce I put up this summer to go with them.  And the ability to triple the batch and freeze them for future meals.
I am getting excited.  I think I will pull the meat out to defrost and go charge my camera battery.  

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  1. Yes! I've been thinking about batch cooking, too. I even went so far as to go buy a bunch of small glass dishes with lids so I can freeze individual meal-size portions of stuff. Now to decide what kind of stuff to make. I'm looking forward to getting some inspiration from you!