Lunch time reboot

Some how both kids are sleeping at 1:00 pm so I'm going to get this post up while eating this big bowl of yum: sauteed sausage, bell peppers, red onion, mushrooms and mustard greens.  Follow me on instagram if you want to see more of my eats!

At the beginning of this year, I decided I had missed blogging long enough and I would get back into it!  Not just get back into it, but making my own grown-up, self-hosted WordPress blog with its own legit domain name.  Then I started looking into things and watching tutorials and got intimidated.

Where did I think I was going to find the time to learn WordPress, customize a theme and start writing blogs again?  I need a week to hole myself up with coffee and fast internet.  Also a nanny.  Preferably a nanny who can teach my kids a foreign language and doesn't cost anything.  Oh, that's not gonna happen?  You don't say.

Instead I'm going to start with some baby steps.  I'll continue posting here.  Here is already set-up and pretty.  Maybe someday when my kids are grown I'll have time again.

My hat is off to all those parents who work full time from home with their babies.  You guys are working hard!  You do not get enough credit.

I'm going to take some time today and clean up this existing template.  I'll see you soon with more recipes, garden and family posts.  


  1. Hey! Am back after a looong hiatus from blogging. But so good to see your posts and catch up on all the lovely food you have been cooking up! I know what you mean by missing blogging. I missed it too... and seeing a glimpse of all your kitchens and lives :) Hope I stick around now and will look forward to your new stuff!
    PS -This dish looks so simple yet inviting...

  2. I thought your next post would be at a new address-- but this is good, too :) Your lunch looks delicious. What's the deal with mustard greens, I've never tried them. Do they taste mustardy?

    1. The deal with mustard greens is they are insanely beautiful - frilly deep greens to leathery light green plumes of stunning foliage. The flavor doesn't live up to the handsome leaves. They don't taste like yellow hotdog mustard more like if horseradish in leaf form. I like them sauteed with lots of lard or butter, some salt (pass on the pepper they are peppery enough) and a dash of vinegar. Pretty good, and I bet super healthy.

    2. I just put a photo up of the mustard greens on my instagram: http://instagram.com/foyjoyblog/

  3. Well I hate horseradish so I guess I'll leave trying mustard greens on the back-burner. What else have I been passing up that I should try? I saw collard greens at the grocery store yesterday, have you tried those?