The State of the Garden this Monday

There is frost for the second time on the garden this morning.  Over the last two weeks we have ripped out the warm season veggies, brought in the hoses and stored the tomato cages, rain barrel, and teepee.  The onions, garlic, winter squash and potatoes are boxed up in the basement.  Yet to do is move the compost pile onto the garden beds and raking the leaves into the perennial beds; then we will be ready for winter.

I'm going to try something a little different and use this space to collect some thoughts about being a better gardener, cook and world citizen:

  • Alli Cherry started her YouTube channel by sharing how she and her husband are renovating a vintage Travco RV.  Then I discovered she also does the capsule wardrobe thing and is working towards a less consumerist lifestyle. It's good stuff
  • My brother in-law has decided to start carrying small bills to give when people ask.  So far he has discovered he doesn't actually run into panhandlers that often.  Three Ways to Responsibly and Compassionately Respond to Panhandling
  • This compilation of links was inspired by the weekly posts of food blogger Joy the Baker and her Let it Be Sunday series
  • A heart warming duet by Yonina singing One Day by Matisyahu. That baby is so cute
  • Standing with Standing Rock and the NoDAPL movement (No Dakota Access Pipeline). Consider sending them a little Thinking of You present for being a strong anti-fracking, pro-clean water voice.
  • Dig out a couple safety pins to put on your jacket lapels.  The Powerful Reason Americans are Wearing Safety Pins
  • I've been reading Jane Goodall's books over the last couple months.  Reasons for Hope is her personal journey through life and how she shepards courage even as the chimpanzee she has devoted her life to are hunted, used for animal testing, and losing their habitat to agriculture and climate change. Roots and Shoots
  • Lessons from a Local Food Scam Artist humor with a side of how racism can hides in our preconceived notions of what a place should be.
  • Who loves a good thrift store? I try to buy my family's clothes and pretty much all kids' stuff second hand.  Here's a look at What to Buy When Thrift Store Shopping.  I love finding signed pottery and wooden cooking utensils too!
  • Cabbage Soup is one of the fall staples around here.  Our CSA share had all the vegetable ingredients this week.
  • A fun listen when your in the kitchen - The Dinner Party Download
  • Before we head into cold weather in earnest, take a walk in a meadow and then make some milkweed pod babies.  I plan on adding one for each child to our Christmas tree this year.  

I hope you have a mug of something warm and go out to see the bright full moon, 

- Foy