About Foy

I'm Foy, a local food advocate living in Northeastern Indiana. A former horticulturist, I currently work seasonally on three small farms. Between my home vegetable garden and the farms, I've has been preserving the harvest to feed my family of four sustainably since 2012. Some of her recipes and garden adventures can be found here.

After serving two years in the Peace Corps, I learned first hand about responsible living.  I believe how we produce food and what we choose to eat can impact not only our health, but the heath of all natural systems.

I have a degree in horticulture and spent five years working in public gardens and arboretum.

In 2011, I left my job when my husband took a professorship at a small liberal arts university.

We had our first child in June 2012.  I call her Junebug on this blog.  We now have a second who goes by Sunny.  He was born in June 2014.

During the 2015 growing season, I worked at three local farms to learn about how they make their living and support their community by growing food. I have continued to work with all three farms seasonally.

Since 2012, I have worked to feed my family locally.  We have a productive garden and grow a good part of our vegetables and some fruit.  I also work for food on the farms and visit our farmer's market and farm stores to fill out our pantry.  I'd say about 50-80 percent of our diet is local food. 

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I started this blog back in 2005.  Over the years the focus has evolved.  Here are some of the topics
you will find:
Three Farm Summer
Home Food Preservation

This is our Panama kitchen.
You will also find the complete journey of our Peace Corps experience on this blog. My husband and I served in Panama from 2007 to 2009. We blogged all 795 days, but you should start with Day 1.
I have also published:
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