Local Shops

I live in Northeast Indiana.  Over the last couple years, I have found local places to buy produce, meat, honey, syrup and bulk foods.  If you are also in the area here are some resources for you too!

Organic Meat and Produce

  • Hawkins Family Farm Store and CSA (near North Manchester) The farm store has frozen beef, pork and chicken raised on the farm as well as eggs, honey, grains and maple syrup.  You can also participate in the seasonal CSA and join the Hawkin's Family for Pizza on the Farm Fridays during the summer. 
  • River Ridge Farm Store (near Laketon)  The Fingerle family grows amazing produce in high tunnel green houses. They also see other local goods including: grains, dry beans, meats, garden seeds, jellies, granolas, honey, coffee and soaps.  You can purchase from their farm store or find them at the Wabash Farmer's Market.
  • Manchester Farmer's Market - Saturday mornings during the summer and early fall, you will find fresh fruit and vegetables as well as bedding plants and baked goods.  
  • Wabash Farmer's Market
  • Joyfield Farm (near Liberty Mills) Cliff and Arlene Kindy have been working their small farm without petroleum imput for 30 some years.  Together they sell their produce on the farm and at the Manchester Farmer's Market.  You can also buy bulk storage produce like onion and potatoes at the end of the summer.  
  • Community Apple Orchard (Lake Winona, Indiana) All apples are organic and can be picked and bought during the fall harvest season for $0.25/lb. Or community members can "adopt" a tree share for $10 a year! Keep an eye on the road sign for current information. 

Bulk Food and Co-op Stores

Do you know a place I don't know about?  Let me know!

-- Last Updated February 2019 --

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